New-Crypto-On-The-Blockchain: HUH Token’s Protective Vest and Bitcoins Green Blood.

With the launch of HUH Token and Bitcoin seeing the sharper side of the cryptocurrency market this week, it’s no wonder that cryptocurrency newbies and, even seasoned crypto lovers, might be wary of the cryptocurrency world.

Though, there are ways that a cryptocurrency can try to avoid major crashes like the one that bitcoin has seen over the past week and that could be by vesting upon release.

Vesting is something that is often used to ensure long-term commitment to a project (cryptocurrency) by the projects team and creators.

This is one of the reasons that HUH Token might have just launched safer than Bitcoin did and why HUH Token, in the future, might be able to protect HUH holders better from the sharp blows of the cryptocurrency market.

But how would HUH Token achieve something like this and why Bitcoin should have considered it too?

A Deadly Blow for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has been one of the most reliable cryptocurrency investments since its creation in 2009, where it was the first of its kind, and from that Bitcoin curated the crypto world in its image for a long time. Investments were plenty and more often than not, the safer bet… though with crypto lovers and newcomers preferring to invest in altcoins it’s not shocking that Bitcoin saw such an enormous loss this past week.

One way to potentially tackle such a loss in the cryptocurrency world would be to follow in the footsteps of HUH Token.

HUH Token, along with other cryptocurrencies, have set up a vesting structure. For HUH holders this could ensure the value of HUH Token rarely decreases because of its harmonious liquidity and HUH Token’s long-term commitment to HUH Token and HUH holders.

Though you’re probably wondering how it works…

A Bullet Proof Vest, HUH?

The wounds created from the cryptocurrency market might be evident in Bitcoin’s loss of green blood, and though Bitcoin will likely bounce back, it could be a smart idea to investigate other cryptocurrencies like HUH Token.

HUH Token are vesting their token release through a vesting structure which HUH Token’s Monetary Policies Committee believe will be an important mechanism for safeguarding HUH Token holders and HUH Token, in general, for the long run.

Those HUH Token holders who became holders during HUH Token’s presale sate will receive their HUH Token’s through an initial vesting period of six weeks… starting on December 6th (HUH Token’s launch) and the 17th of January 2022.

Not only this but HUH Token’s presale holders will receive 10x more tokens.

The vesting contract for HUH Token is structed to follow a linear curve of allowed withdrawal from 5% to 1000%.

Which, in theory, could protect HUH Token from bleeding too much green after a crypto market plummet.

If you would like more information on HUH Token’s vesting structure you can check out their White Paper.

Bitcoin will, if its history is anything to go by, rise again, but in the meantime checking out and researching into altcoins could be a better investment of your time and money.


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