The Most Popular Black Friday Purchases

Black Friday has seen billions of dollars spent on a wide range of consumer goods, including smartphones, game consoles, headphones, fashion accessories, and much more. It’s a hotly anticipated time of year, and most people go and buy the best deals they can find.

In terms of what they buy, it’s interesting to examine what people spend most of their money on, as it provides insights into their behavior. A smaller promotion wouldn’t give us enough information, but the size of Black Friday means it’s worth looking into. An idea of its size is shown by the fact $10.84bn was spent in 2020 on Cyber Monday, the Monday following Black Friday.

Not only that, most of the retailers competing were larger and saw more people buying from them than from smaller retailers. The Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs, implies this is understandable. He said: “Most smaller retailers really would do well to not even try to compete on the day after Thanksgiving.” Despite this, many small retailers do try to attract customers on Black Friday.

So now that we’ve covered some background let’s look at the most Googled products of Black Friday in 2020 according to research from Betway online casino. We’ll list them below:

What’s most striking about this list is that technology dominates it, and not just any technology, but Apple products. That shows the power a single established brand can wield on Black Friday. It’s possible that these searches were made with an eye on Christmas, knowing that game consoles make great gifts for kids and families alike.

Another interesting point is that when you combine all these purchases together, the global expenditure for Black Friday in 2020 comes to $58bn. That’s a huge amount, as even much smaller amounts could be life-changing, like those you can win at Betway online casino.

It also shows the lengths people are willing to go to to get a bargain. In the old days, people would simply wait for a sale to start at their neighborhood stores and then visit them to buy what they needed at a lower price. Now, people often buy products they don’t need simply because they’re provided at such great prices.

Of course, leisure products like games consoles and headphones weren’t so common once, and that’s another driving force behind the success of Black Friday. People invest their money into buying products that please them, and when so many come up for sale on the same day, the lure proves irresistible for many.

That explains the logic behind some of the most popular Black Friday purchases, and it’s a trend that’s sure to continue for many years to come.

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