Transform your child’s room with children’s novelty beds

Choosing the best children’s novelty beds

If your little one’s room needs an update, children’s novelty beds are a fun and unique solution, perfect for a big birthday or christmas present. Your child’s bedroom is an important place, where they can feel comfortable and relaxed and show off their personality. From a treehouse bunk bed to a princess carriage bed or a racing car bed, whatever your child loves, find a fun children’s novelty bed that is perfect for them.

Encouraging imagination

If your child loves imaginary play, a novelty bed can be an amazing way to encourage this. A simple teepee or house bed frame is perfect for imaginative kids as they can turn it into anything they wish, from a space station to a shop to a palace. Use the pointed roof to hang blankets or curtains to create a cosy space they can transform with their imaginations. A treehouse bunk bed with a ladder can be used as a magical cabin in the forest, wild west hideout or a secret den. Read stories with them in their novelty bed to find new ideas for imaginative play and recreate their favourite stories at home.

Co-ordinating your child’s room

Having a theme in your children’s room is great for decorating and it also encourages your child to express themselves and their likes and dislikes. You can use your child’s novelty bed as the starter point for their bedroom theme, accessorising with similar cushions, wallpaper or toy storage. Make their bedroom somewhere they love and are proud to call their own. If your child has a fabulous pink novelty bed, choose pink bookshelves or a lampshade to create a coordinated space they will adore. Choose a football bed for those kids who are mad about sports, and use their favourite team’s bedding or curtains.

Creative children’s transport beds

One of the most popular types of children’s novelty beds is transport beds, like racing car beds, tractor beds and bus bunk beds. Whatever type of transport your child loves, let them recreate journeys in their bedroom and practise their imaginary driving skills. There is a huge range of kid’s transport beds, including tractors, diggers, cars, carriages, wagons and more! A bright red London bus bunk bed is a fun and colourful addition to any child’s room, as is a police car bed with lots of details your child will love. A bright pink princess carriage bed is perfect for little ones who love luxury, with steps and curtains to make them feel just like royalty.

Go on holiday at home

Kids love going on holiday, whether it’s in a caravan nearby or flying off somewhere exciting. Recreate that holiday feeling with a children’s novelty bed that looks like a campervan with windscreen wipers, a surfboard ladder and a steering wheel too. Take turns driving, get friends involved when they have sleepovers and plan wonderful adventures in their bed on wheels! A unique caravan bed frame with a door is the perfect way to give them some privacy and make their bed space their own.

Shop children’s beds

Celebrate your child’s favourite things with a beautiful novelty bed they will love for years. You know your child best, so whether they love camping, princesses or racing cars, find a unique children’s novelty bed that’s perfect for them.

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