Things to consider when renting a self-storage unit

When your house cannot accommodate more stuff due to overcrowding or lack of extra storage, you may want a place where you can put some of them safely, at least for the time being. In such a scenario, self-storage can be the apt solution. You can store your belongings in a unit of your choice for affordable monthly rent. Security and convenience will be added advantages. It is helpful for residential customers who require these options, especially when moving or renting homes. They don’t have to get rid of the necessary items because they don’t have enough space. Single-story or multi-story buildings can house them. Now, the question is – how to choose a suitable facility?


It has to be one of the critical factors behind choosing any self-storage facility. However, it would be best not to only focus on your belongings’ safety when you consider this aspect. It has to be safe visiting for you and your family also. The illuminated interiors and exteriors can give you this satisfaction.  Also, enclosed structures can be better options. You can also pay attention to the entry rules. Any place fitted with a camera for monitoring can be good to hire. For Dayton self storage click here if you wish.


Well sanitized and regularly cleaned areas can be the preference. The unit you rent should also be in great shape and form. You must check for pest infestation before deciding anything. Else, your items can be at high risk of damage.


A self-storage facility that gives you access all seven days of the week at your preferred timings can be the most convenient choice. It allows you to pull or add anything anytime. Also, when you can look at your belongings at your convenience, you don’t feel stressed.

Unit sizes

A well-built self-storage facility will have various unit sizes to cover your different needs. No matter what you call them (mini storage, storage lockers, or anything), the smallest unit can be 5×5. It will be your standard closet type, where you can put many boxes or one piece of furniture. People use them for storing seasonal items like decorations. The most popular can be 10×10. It can be almost half the size of your garage, suitable for one car. In this approximately 100 sq. ft. area, you can keep all the contents of one or two bedrooms. Your large appliances or about 20 boxes can fit in there. These two are just an example. There can be more options under and above them.

Temperature control

There can be nothing like it if you can find temperature-controlled units. The cooling and heating will maintain required humidity levels, minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive products. You cannot trust anything else, particularly if you want to store leather, antiques, papers, and other such things.

Once you are sure about the suitability of the self-storage facility, you can move your items there for their safety. Make sure you label all the boxes for easy recognition. Also, avoid putting firearms, food, or any other risky material. The local laws don’t allow these items.

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