HUH Token’s ‘500 Million MarketCap’ Golden Giveaway Attempts To Leave Shiba Inu In The Shadows

HUH Token is shooting for the moon and is trying to eclipse the big dogs such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in the process. Cryptocurrency was once considered a fad, and to some people, it is still very much considered a passing phase. However, the statistics surrounding cryptocurrency usage suggest the exact opposite and 2022 is likely to be an explosive year for cryptocurrency.

2021 saw a significant rise in the rates of global crypto ownership, with over 300 million people investing in crypto users. What’s more, over 18,000 businesses accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency. HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency to hit the scene, but they have hit the ground running and have recently launched a competition that they believe has the potential to be ‘the pump of the century’.



What Is The HUH Token Competition?

HUH Token is rallying up their community and are aiming for a 500 million marketcap on Poocoin. This is a huge number, and to try and help reach this, the creators are offering huge incentives. HUH Token has promised its community that the top 20 depositors will get:


  • TOP 1 gets $100k worth of HUH Tokens
  • TOP 2 & 3 get $70k worth of HUH Tokens each
  • TOP 4 & 5 get $30k worth of HUH Tokens each
  • TOP 6 and up to TOP 25 get $10k worth of HUH Tokens each

The winners will be based on who made the biggest purchase on HUHSwap or PancakeSwap as of NOW until Sunday the 26th of December at 00:00 GMT-5! The minimum amount to enter the competition for the Top 20 Deposits is $1000

On top of all this, five random winners get $10k worth of HUH Tokens each. The minimum amount to enter the competition for the randomly picked winners is $500! Also, all tokens awarded will not be vested!

The HUH Token creators have set the stakes quite high, and there will be a lot of crypto enthusiasts watching this competition closely. If they manage to pull it off, this will be a massive moment for the crypto; however, the likelihood of that happening seems questionable as the current marketcap sits at $140 million. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be ruled out just yet, as stranger things have happened in crypto history.

If we entertain the idea that HUH Token can actually hit a 500 million marketcap by Sunday, the 26th of December. Then there is a genuine possibility that HUH Token has the potential to leave Shiba in the shadows.

With the new year approaching, there are talks of new rules surrounding cryptocurrency, and according to Robert Courtneidge, Locke Lord lawyer, “cryptocurrencies will be a critical part of our society’s future and regulation will soon become a part of the cryptosphere”.

There will be a wider acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency with more regulation. This will undoubtedly benefit the likes of new cryptos such as HUH Token, EverGrow, Floki Inu and so on. Christmas is typically a quiet time for crypto, but with HUH Token’s exciting competition, it could be a very merry Christmas for HUH Token and its community should it hit a 500 million marketcap.



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