Who Could Be Under The Tree This Crypto Season? Ethereum, Shiba Inu and HUH Token

From the massive drop that saw Bitcoin lose more than it had in a long time, to the crypto market skyrocketing into a rare situation of being oversold, and yet another, much smaller, dip over the weekend, it’s been an eventful month for cryptocurrencies.

Though it appears that HUH Token, Shiba Inu, and Ethereum have handled the cryptocurrency market’s always-volatile waves with grace and enthusiasm.

Could this be the reason cryptocurrencies are under the Christmas tree this crypto Christmas?

This could be because cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular with whale investors, and because of this season’s bull cycle, altcoins could be the favourites for 2022.

However, because we aren’t quite ready to pop the cork and ring in the new year, it could be worthwhile to investigate why HUH Token, Shiba Inu, and Ethereum have benefited so much in such a short period of time…

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business with the blockchains.

A Shiba Inu Pulled Dog Sled

Shiba Inu looks to have performed extraordinarily well during this bull market, as have Shiba Inu’s investors. Though this isn’t unusual for one of the most popular crypto currencies, Shiba Inu has seen a lot of growth since its introduction in 2020.

Though it appears that Shiba Inu received an influx of whale profit due to a minor dip in the cryptocurrency market over the weekend, which saw whale currencies like Bitcoin suffer a significant loss… though this type of market movement is nothing new and will more than likely rectify itself tenfold.

Shiba Inu may be one of the cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on, as it appears, based on innumerable online murmurs, that Shiba Inu aims to join the metaverse with the eternally successful HUH Token, which appears to be following Shiba Inu’s lead.

You can track Shiba Inu’s progress on sites like Coinmarketcap.com, while it’s always a good idea to do your homework on cryptocurrency before investing… That is simply sound financial judgement.

The cryptocurrency community predicts that Shiba Inu will witness a higher percentage increase in the final weeks of December, resulting in a long-term bull season for the crypto currency market.

Christmas, HUH?

That’s correct! HUH Token launched on Monday, December 6th, and has grown by 6000 percent since then, increasing its value for the community and demonstrating a 100 percent bounce back rate from the turbulent cryptocurrency market’s dips and falls.

The popularity of the world’s first Utimeme appears to be at viral levels, and HUH Token expects a 7-day trading volume of $10 million… in its first 7 days. HUH Token also has over 12,000 holders with aims of 1 million in three months which appears doable for the young and popular utimeme.

HUH Token debuted with vigour, rivalling Shiba Inu, which eventually grew in popularity following its erratic launch figures.

If HUH Token can achieve even half of what Shiba Inu has, it will be a fantastic day for HUH Token holders. However, as HUH Nation grows and HUH Token strives for MetHUH, it appears that HUH Token will be competing Shiba Inu for the top dog slot in the coming months.

One of the reasons for HUH Token’s early success, transaction numbers, and liquidity growth could be the unique referral system, which provides a (any) holder with a unique number that they can pass on to family and friends in exchange for a 10% BNB bonus and a 10% sales fee reduction on their first deposit.

The best part is that the code can be used for as many family members and friends as you have… enhancing HUH Token’s strong sense of community.

HUH Token also burnt $4million worth of its own HUH Tokens this week in order to boost the value of HUH Token for its holders, just ahead of Christmas meaning that you could still benefit from the burn!

However, as with Shiba Inus, it’s always a good idea to do your homework before purchasing.

An Ethereum Christmas?

Ethereum is expected to enjoy a 400 percent gain in value by the end of this month and the start of the new year as it transitions to its new proof-of-stake existence, which is expected to lower Ethereum’s energy usage by over 99 percent.

The expanding community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts appears to be holding cryptocurrencies like Ethereum responsible, which seems like a logical evolution for altcoins and their holders.

It can be seen in Shiba Inu maybe burning their own currencies to enter the metaverse and HUH Token developing MetHUH, where their harmonic ecology will eventually be able to benefit from itself as well as the crypto market as a whole.

This could have contributed to HUH Token’s excellent debut week, as they had planted trees for their first one million holders and have greener and greener goals, which appear to be popular among crypto enthusiasts these days.

However, after considerable conjecture, it appears that Ethereum’s switch to POS was an unquestionably wise option.

You may learn more about the cryptocurrencies discussed in this article by clicking on the links provided or by googling the currencies.


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