Karim Tahseen Khayat: An Overview of Middle East Power

Founded and established by Karim Tahseen Khayat in 2010, Middle East Power is an energy provider company that has earned an international reputation for achieving the best results in terms of maintaining and operating the grid, upgrading infrastructure, and installing a new generation of wireless smart meters.

Benefiting from the extensive experience of CEO Karim Tahsin Al-Khayat, the organisation’s current focus predominantly lies in its Kurdistan-Iraq and Beirut projects, the latter at the Zouk and Jiyeh Power Plants.

Services provided by Middle East Power include:

  • Energy from waste
  • Power line and grid management
  • Plant rehabilitation
  • Plant operations and maintenance
  • Independent power production
  • EPC contracting for reciprocating engines
  • Consultancy services

Benefitting from decades of public and private partnership experience in the region, TKG’s extensive regional network, and robust financial support, Middle East Power swiftly established itself as a leading figure in the energy sector across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Focussing on projects in Kurdistan initially, Middle East Power revolutionised electricity infrastructure throughout the region, reconstructing and rehabilitating defective power plants. Adhering to stringent international standards, its work in Kurdistan culminated in the successful restoration of two power plants, returning them to full function and capacity and powering local communities. Building upon these successes, Middle East Power continues to leverage its growing network of connections across MENA, utilising its regional expertise to invest in the region’s energy sector through the rehabilitation, maintenance, and operation of power plants.

Middle East Power is also exploring opportunities to expand its reputation in the field of powerplant construction and distribution. With headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, and branches in Baghdad and Erbil, Iraq, Middle East Power is supported by TKG branches across MENA. The company continues to strategically expand, benefiting both public and private sector clients through the highest standards of engineering, procurement and construction.

Building on a solid track record of success, Middle East Power is a growing figure in the energy industry, driven by a mission of providing value-added solutions to not just meet the needs of its customers, but to exceed their expectations by providing innovative, bespoke services of the highest quality. Utilising its extensive expertise, knowledge and experience, Middle East Power’s values remain true to those of its visionary founders, their energy and innovation continuing to inspire the organisation. The company’s ultimate vision is to be the most trusted resource for the operation and maintenance of power plants.

Middle East Power is a culturally diverse organisation united by core values in all of its operations. The company has grown to prominence in terms of rehabilitation, operation and maintenance of power plants, thoroughly managed by a modern generation of dynamic, innovative professionals. Committed to multiculturalism, Middle East Power is fully multi-lingual, providing power across several challenging regions and consistently striving to meet and exceed International Environmental Standards and abide by the international laws based on the World Bank Standards.

Middle East Power is committed to empowering the region through its unmatched regional knowledge and distinguished engineering expertise, providing public and private clients with a full spectrum of proven services and revitalising energy production with unfailing attention to its corporate responsibilities. Middle East Power strives to not only provide quality employment opportunities in local communities, but to also minimise the company’s carbon footprint through the adoption energy efficient, environmentally friendly practices.

A financially sound and profitable multifaceted holding company operating for more than 50 years, Middle East Power acts with honesty and honour in all of its undertakings. Middle East Power gives back to communities through its corporate social responsibility programme, as well as prioritising the wellbeing of all its employees through the adoption of and implementation of strident health and safety policies.

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