5 Important Tips To Follow To Score Merit Rank In Class 10 Olympiad

Pondering with regards to how to plan for the Olympiad tests? All things considered, all you wanted is a touch of preparation and practice to score high in the Olympiad tests. 

Here are some significant hints which you should remember while getting ready for the test. 

Adhere to the Syllabus: 

The Olympiad tests are a way to test your legitimate thinking and insightful abilities. The prospectus is planned such that it inspires understudies to find out with regards to Science, Mathematics, and English. Accordingly, it is significant that you go through the Olympiad schedule completely and afterwards plan your arrangements. 

Study your Textbooks

Be exhaustive with your group materials and NCERT course books. Reinforce your rudiments. If you know your ideas well, you can address any inquiry, however, turned it is. 

Test Papers

Practice will set you up better for the Olympiad tests. Rehearsing test papers will provide you with a thought of what sorts of inquiries are posed in the Olympiad tests. Don’t forget to check out the Previous Year Paper for IMO Class 10 Maths 2011.

Stay Informed: 

Stay informed and be cautious about what’s going on around the world. Practice tests and riddles as this will assist you with thinking out about the case. Zero in on learning logical realities and fortify your jargon. The Olympiad test is tied in with testing your insight in Science, Mathematics, and English. 

Start your Preparations in Advance

If you truly need to break the Olympiad test, then, at that point, last-minute arrangements won’t help. Begin planning ahead of time. Follow an orderly methodology. Start with the points which require additional time and afterwards happen to less tedious themes. 

Bonus Tip:

Put the Internet to Better Use: 

There are bountiful online assets accessible on the Internet, so why not utilize the Internet for your potential benefit? You can start by tackling mock tests and convoluted Mathematics issues.

Subjects in Class 10 Olympiad:

Language – Sanskrit/Hindi/English

Mathematics (B, C & D) – Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Statistics

Science – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (Each subject will fill ONE entire paper each. So one paper will have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology together.) Note: Practicals are not included in the exam. The only theory is covered.

Note 2: If you are taking O LEVEL ASTRONOMY instead of Science, then it will cover the topics of ASTRONOMY, EARTH SCIENCE, and GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF ASTRONOMY.

Duration of the exam: 3 hours

Language – 1 hour

Mathematics (B, C & D) – 1 hour each. But candidates will get only one paper for each section. So either Mathematics or Statistics for B, and either Mathematics or Statistics for C and D.

Science – 2 hours

Total: 3 hours.

Note: Maths B, C, and D will each be 1 hour long. So it is possible that if you get two papers of Maths (B and C), the duration for Mathematics (B and C) will be 2 hours long.

Remember: Practice makes you perfect! Write essays regularly, even if it is just for practice. And read up on current affairs! Current affairs questions are NOT part of the actual Olympiad Exam but they are worth 1 mark each in this year’s examination. A good idea would be to read ‘The Hindu’ newspaper every day.

Some Other General tips for the Class 10 Olympiad:

  • Ensure that you have the right background knowledge required for each subject, so you are well-versed with the topics. Read up on the science section if you’re weak in it.
  • Practice writing at least 100 lines of prose each day. This will help your writing skills substantially! And remember, every word counts! Practice makes perfect, especially in exams where time is restricted, as noted above.
  • Write at least 100 lines of prose every day. This will help you build up your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills.
  • Keep practicing essays of different types – descriptive, narrative, etc.
  • Don’t get bogged down in books! Read up only what you need to know, so you can focus on writing practice essays. It’s not what you know; it’s what you write in the essay that matters! And this is how it will be evaluated.

A few tips that will help you improve your writing skills:

  • After writing a paragraph, read it out loud. If the grammar and sentence structure are correct, feel free to make a few minor grammatical changes. But if you think it is too weak, don’t make any changes!
  • Write a short story for a magazine or a newspaper. Don’t worry about making them perfect! Write them up as they come to mind, and don’t worry about grammar or punctuation or anything else now. Just write.
  • Once you’re done, go back and revise them for grammar, punctuation, etc. Have someone else look over them for accuracy in grammar and sentence structure, but don’t change anything if they say it is fine!
  • When you write your class 10 Olympiad essay, remember – writing in English is different from writing in Hindi or any other language. It’s important to remember this when writing your essays if you haven’t attempted the exam before.
  • Above all, don’t try to follow a template – there is no template for the essay! Write something that interests you and reflects your knowledge and understanding of the subject. Remember, you’re not writing for everyone else; you’re writing an essay just for the readers.
  • You can use good literary sources that you enjoy reading to help you write your essay. They can act as writing examples or writing inspiration.
  • If you’re pressed for time (and you most probably will be) then skip grammar mistakes.


Studying for the Class 10 Olympiad is tough, and scoring well might depend on how much you know these tips to follow. You can’t afford to leave anything out! This article covers the basics, like what subjects are covered in the exam and how much time should be spent on each subject. We have also laid out some general study tips, like maintaining a schedule and taking breaks when you need them (plus some other less-than-obvious ones!). 

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