5 important tips to follow to score merit rank in Class 8 Olympiad

Olympiads are held to help students improve and develop abilities such as logical reasoning, problem solving, and analytical thinking so that they are better equipped to cope with difficulties in real-time in the adversities of the real world. As a result, most schools propose that students participate in Olympiad tests in order to understand their status and work harder to improve their academic achievement. Competing with so many students can be intimidating, and many students find refuge in not competing because they are unable to overcome their fear of disappointment. Olympiads are an excellent way to prepare students’ minds to adapt to real-life situations by looking at problems in a more analytical manner, taking into account different aspects of the problem at hand, and being more evaluative and attentive to the small details, as well as developing acumen for innovative thinking and problem solving. In summary, Olympiad tests help pupils train their minds in a certain way. It is designed to polish and enhance pupils’ intellectual faculties or abilities by hosting them in a cohesive yet competitive setting that eventually develops them.

Practice is always the key to achieving a high ranking in Olympiads. Your Olympiad paper will include logical reasoning problems; consequently, it is critical that you practice logical reasoning questions extensively. Olympiad questions is in the presence of various questions.

Choose your test 

The first thing you should do is decide which Olympiad you want to study for and compete in. Each academic year, a total of six Olympiads are held, giving you six alternatives. Recognize your specialty, your talents, and play to them. Choose the one in which you have the most confidence. Not only that, but make sure the one you choose offers you enough preparation time so that you can ace it. Now, if you are confident in yourself and your capacity to do incredibly well in all of them, competing in all six Olympiads would be a fantastic idea. This manner, you can be considered for the Academic Excellence Award’s special category. To summarize, you should try to compete in all six Olympiads, but if you are unsure, select the one you are most passionate about.

Understand the syllabus

 While this may seem like the most basic and obvious thing to do, you would be amazed at how many students choose to wing it. Knowing your syllabus does not imply having a general understanding of it. It entails being familiar enough with your syllabus to recognize which questions and themes are from which chapter, and which topics are more significant than the others. Because you are aware of the syllabus and know which sections include crucial material that may appear in the Olympiad question paper, knowing your syllabus provides you the authority to determine which areas you want to highlight and how much.

Solved Papers 

There are no two ways about it: the key to success in Olympiad tests is a combination of smart studying and persistent studying. The One for All Olympiad Previous Years’ Solved Papers like IMO Class 8 2011 Question Paper provides students with complete and detailed solutions to each of the problems. By completing these papers and reading the solutions, students have a thorough understanding of what is expected of them while answering the questions. Furthermore, these answers contain hidden jewels, i.e., the knowledge that most textbooks do not provide. Going through these solved papers drastically boosts one’s chances of earning high grades. Another significant benefit of having Oswaal Books’ Olympiad Solved Papers is that they serve as an excellent review aid because you already know the answers to the most difficult questions. Referring to past year question papers of Olympiad will give you an extra edge over other peers. For pupils, the Indian Talent Olympiad provides past year’s question paper sets. Students can use these sample papers to familiarize themselves with the kind of questions that will be posted on final examinations. It allows them to determine the level of difficulty of the exam and prepare accordingly. Students can also learn how many questions they can answer in the allotted time, which is one of the most important parts of Olympiads. Students may purchase past year’s question paper sets from the Indian Talent Olympiad online.


It cannot be overstated how important this is to your success in the Olympiad. If you want to excel in the Olympiad, you must adhere to a strict timeline. The competition is fierce, and to get a top-tier ranking, you must work harder and smarter than most others. This is only achievable if and when you devise a schedule that allows you to optimize effort and output by splitting the day into separate halves, each allowing you to attend to a particular aspect of your preparation in order to advance your academic standing overall. Rest well -Don’t let your Olympiads keep you up at night. When studying, your brain must be at peak performance in order to understand and retain all of the information that you are reading and absorbing. As a result, you cannot afford to be sleep deprived and have your brain sluggish and worn out. Sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night and take naps frequently to keep your body and mind fresh at all times.

Aim for conceptual clarity 

The Olympiad is all about putting your analytical and critical thinking abilities to the test. That is something you must become accustomed to, therefore while studying, urge yourself to think critically and beyond the box. Revise, make sure you set aside time each day for revision. This will help keep the subjects presented fresh in your memory, allowing you to remember more knowledge and enhance your remembrance abilities, both of which are essential for acing Olympiad exams.

Students must study from the course books recommended by their local school boards (ICSE/ CBSE/ State boards). In addition, students may refer to and buy the Indian Talent Olympiad’s workbook, Olympiad study app, previous year question papers, and sample papers for each Olympiad test. In addition, the Indian Talent Olympiad gives reasoning books for each subject so that students may prepare for the reasoning and logical sections.