Choose a cottage with jacuzzi in the UK during your holiday

The list of reasons to rent a cabin on your vacation is very long, from its cheap price compared to other types of accommodation, to the freedom of movement that goes at your own pace, to the feeling of privacy offered by not having to Share spaces with strangers. And speaking of sharing spaces, can you think of something more romantic than sharing a jacuzzi with that special person? If you can already imagine yourself floating in the bubbles with your better half while holding a glass of wine, take a look at our tips to find cottage with hot tubs deals in UK.

Before renting your cabin with jacuzzi

Don’t leave anything to chance and everything will go smoothly. You may want to rent a cabin with a jacuzzi to surprise, or even to give a gift on the occasion of a special date. But even if it is not like that and you are not going to celebrate anything in particular, surely you want these holidays to remain forever in your memory, so read the tips that we offer below to make your stay a success.

Compare deals

If you are one of those people who does not usually have to worry about the economic factor, congratulations! Even so, no one is bitter about a sweet and it is worth checking some websites to find out if there is currently a special offer with which you can benefit from a discount on the price of your cabin with a Jacuzzi. After all, why pay more for something if you can get it for less?

Choose a romantic place

A cabin with a jacuzzi is already an extremely romantic place, but if, in addition, from your bubbly position you can enjoy a dreamlike landscape, success will be assured. Before formalizing your rental, make sure that there are no obstacles between the accommodation of your choice and the wonderful views you hope to see.

Do you know where the jacuzzi is?

Good question, right? Do not get carried away by the enthusiasm when you see the advertisement for a rental cabin with a jacuzzi and think if it really fits what you had planned. If you were thinking of gazing at the stars from the jacuzzi with your better half, discard those accommodations whose jacuzzi is indoors. And on the contrary, if your getaway is during the coldest months and not even the hot water with bubbles can motivate you enough to bathe outdoors, better choose a cabin whose jacuzzi is not outside.

Why rent a cottage with hot tub in the UK?

Although cabins with Jacuzzi are also rented in coastal towns, the truth is that, when we think of cabins, mountains and forests often come to mind, and the latter are the most in demand. Between both options you can find accommodation in the United Kingdom that also have a swimming pool, although if you plan to go on vacation in less hot months, it is most likely that you will not enjoy it much. Another great advantage of hot tubs is that they do not understand seasons or weather and you can immerse yourself in their bubbling peace at any time of the year.

It is increasingly popular to travel for outdoor activities, be it walking, cycling, camping, extreme sports, climbing, etc. That is why this selection about England has much to offer you beyond essential cities such as London, Manchester or Liverpool. Here are the places they recommend for a rural getaway in England.

Cornwall and Devon, the most rural counties in England

Cornwall and Devon, the two counties that occupy the southwest of England have always been an unspoilt part of the country and the reason for this is, in my opinion, the lack of regular transport and the relatively high price of visiting this region, despite Not being so far from London. Because there are not, there are not even large commercial airports.

Isle of Wight, England’s miniature version for a country getaway

Here rural tourism is the law of life, and the local product a pride without equal. With disparate landscapes, mountains and beaches, idyllic villas and very friendly people, this island will make you see that paradises are not only in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia.

New Forest, the smallest national park

We went from the largest national park to the smallest in the country. The New Forest is only about two hours by train from central London and is a very authentic collection of villages and nature. Some of these towns are Brockenhurst, Lyndhurst, or Lymington.

Peak District, rural England from the top

Peak District is an elevated area in central England. Chosen as the first national park in history in 1951 it is estimated to be the most visited national park in Europe. If you are a lover of mountain biking, or even want to go skydiving, the Peak District may be the best place in England for this. Just keep in mind that being an area with many slopes, in addition to the usual equipment you will need a windbreaker. The nature of the Peak District is so varied that if you move through the park you will never tire of the landscapes you see.