The Trucking Industry Provides Plenty Job Opportunities

The Trucking Industry Provides Plenty Job Opportunities

The trucking industry is an integral part of the economy. This sector allows for an uninterrupted flow of goods, depending on its efficiency. The trucks will supply raw materials to factories and distribute the finished product to the retail chains. Truck drivers are an important part of the delivery chain, working in accordance with the backend support team for utmost efficiency. Knowing that the trucking industry is significant, it opens many working positions. A truck driver is a feasible job opportunity, and you can learn more about CDL drivers jobs here

While rail transport might be a cost-efficient alternative, it lacks flexibility and broad reach. If the trucking industry stops working, our everyday lives will be transformed. The supply of fresh produce will be gone within three days. Also, it would take only 20 days for the supply of drinkable water to be sold. Hospitals would remain without food within 24 hours. With all of this, many people will lose their jobs.  

The industry today

The US trucking industry consists of 3.5 million truck drivers, which are the force that moves the products closer to the customer. The American truck drivers support the economy and are an integral part of it. Every single product will reach you because of their effort and dedication. The industry is estimated at a staggering $800 billion and is constantly growing. The modern technology innovations support the industry’s growth at a steady pace.


More than 80% of the states depend on the truck industry for the delivery of goods, which speaks enough of its importance. The technology innovations support the trucking industry, securing steady growth. One of the modern devices that improve the workflow is the dash cams which allow convenient fleet monitoring and dispatching. 

The trucking apps are another critical innovation that will simplify the truck driver’s job. The semi self-driven trucks allow the driver to take a small break. The convenient tools assist the drivers in many different ways. They will provide crucial information such as weather and road conditions that directly impact travel length. In addition, they can check for nearby motels, gas stations, parking lots, and mechanics. The mobile apps will also provide relaxing music to soothe the stressful nature of this job. 

Types of truck driving jobs

In the US, there is a high demand for truck drivers. With the industry growth, the need for this service is also on the rise. The lack of drivers will have a negative effect on the service. Therefore, the companies offer stable and good salaries to retain efficient employees. Many people consider this a good option because of the excellent pay and bonuses. 

If you are interested in landing a job in the trucking industry, have in mind that there are many options available. In addition, we explain the types of trucking jobs that you can choose from.

Dry Van Drivers

This is the initial position that many newbies start with when entering the trucking industry. The job includes driving a single trailer and unloading the cargo at the destination. The shipment consists of non-perishable foods.

Tanker Drivers

Tanker drivers transport liquid products to their final destination. One of the required strengths is acting fast and remaining calm in an emergency. This position is the most demanded in the industry, including transporting dangerous goods.

Auto Haul Drivers

The auto haul driver will transport vehicles as cargo, which is a high pay job in the industry. With more excellent pay comes great responsibility as the shipment might achieve the value of over hundreds of thousands of dollars. The driver is required to pick the safe parking spots and drive carefully. 

Refrigerated freight drivers

Perishable goods are critical, so drivers are responsible for maintaining the optimal temperature to preserve their quality. Refrigerated freight drivers will transport medicines, fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

Flat-bed truck drivers

These truck drivers will take care of transporting oversized cargo that doesn’t fit the standard trucks. However, they need to be aware of the procedures for safely handling such cargo.

LTL Freight Drivers

The LTL freight driver will make several stops to collect freight from different shipping companies. 

Local Truck Drivers

These drivers cover short distances, primarily within their city and the surrounding areas. The main advantage is that you will be home in the evening.

Over the Road Truck Drivers

This job includes driving over long distances between states or in different countries. These travels might last for weeks.