How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Istanbul?

Hair transplanting surgeries are very common nowadays as they give the most concrete way and the highest opportunity of getting rid of the baldness that no one loves. Yet, it is not all about deciding and getting the surgery.

Especially in Europe and the USA, the costs which are offered by clinics and hospitals are so high that you should have a small fortune in your bank account. As it is a cosmetic surgery, many of the health insure companies do not pay you for the cost, so, it becomes a dilemma for you to spend all the money you have or being irritated by your appearance.

However, there is one more alternative for you to consider. This option entails flying across the world to the location where the procedure can be performed. It is what it is, and sometimes we need to be adaptable to the situations we confront. There is no need to be unambiguous on a single idea or point of view.

On the other hand, hair transplant surgery is a highly dependable and risk-free procedure. It is entirely up to you, however, to select the best surgeon for this treatment. Regardless of how popular and widely available hair transplants have grown throughout the world, this treatment should not be taken lightly and should be performed with the utmost competence and experience. If you choose the wrong surgeon for this therapy, there is very little chance of reversing your decision because hair transplantation is a permanent procedure that lasts a lifetime. So, based on the information supplied, Turkey should be at the top of your list.

Yet, what are the prices in Istanbul, Turkey?

Essentially, there is no definitive answer to this question. It varies from clinic to clinic, and the pricing aspect of the entire process is unique because it relies on your needs, as well as how many grafts will be planted and where.

That is, people commonly experience hair loss in a unique way. Some people have receding hairlines, while others experience hair loss on the crown, top, and rear of the head. Expert surgeons must, as one might guess, utilize a different approach when restoring crown hair than when re-creating a hairline. Before selecting how to proceed with the operation, your surgeon will evaluate your scalp.

In the light of first examination, the surgeon will decide on what to do and which technique to use. Let’s say you are a man who has crown baldness, the surgeon will first look at you scalp and then decide on.

In Istanbul, Turkey, on the other hand, you can anticipate to pay roughly $2600 for a cosmetic operation with an eye to fix your hairline.

As one may conclude, each individual undergoing surgery is unique, as are their demands. As a consequence, you should not expect to see the same pricing list as others.

Nevertheless, there can be talked about some average numbers, average cost of hair transplant surgery is $3000 in İstanbul

For instance in Dr. Bayer Clinics, a full hair transplantation surgery starts from $2000 and ends up with $7000, according to your needs. On the other hand, there are of course several clinics other than that in Istanbul.

Namely, you can go for Natural Hair Turkey, Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic, Maral Hair Clinic, Sapphire Hair Clinic Istanbul, Smile Hair Clinic Istanbul, and Hermest Hair Transplant Clinic Istanbul.

They all are certificated and successful clinics that you can find in Istanbul.

When it comes to the pricing list of these clinics, it is easy to see that there is not a huge difference between them. For instance, in Sapphire Hair Clinic, you will approximately pay $4400 for a full hair transplant. If you choose to go Hermest Hair Clinic, on the other hand, you should have at least $2700 on your bank account to have a transplant.

On the other hand, people constantly search for the answer to this question: “Why is it so affordable to have hair transplants in Turkey?”

Several factors might be credited for the reasons.

First of all, the physical location in which a firm must function is one of the most significant expenditures. There are approximately 1200 hospitals in Turkey to choose from. Many clinics were able to acquire attractive rates inside hospitals due to the exchange rates between Turkish Lira and Euro, and continuing profits in foreign currencies, which was mirrored in their pricing structure, which also benefited the patients greatly. For example, although a 1000 sq. ft office space in London might cost up to £9000, the same area within a hospital in Turkey can cost only £2000. So, because of the low expenses for accommodation and hiring, the clinics offer cheap operations.

Furthermore, Turkey’s geographic position is advantageous for healthcare tourism since it links Europe and Asia. So, making a journey here relatively reasonable compared to other places. In Turkey, there are hundreds of medical centers dedicated to hair transplantation. Clinics deliver the treatment at a top standard in order to retain their reputation and attract new patients, but they are obliged to decrease pricing. This, of course, results in affordable costs, especially when compared to Europe and the USA.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that you can discover more reasonable pricing in Istanbul, but because your health is at stake, it is best not to put your faith in everyone. Find the best clinic and go for it!

To summarize, goodness can be found wherever in the world; nevertheless, you should always strive for the best for yourself. Turkey, for example, might be the best alternative to consider. The pricing will make you happy and delighted. It will enough to have a budget of $3500 to $6800 in your bank account. As previously said, Istanbul has various clinics where you can receive your hair transplant operation, including Natural Hair Turkey, Dr Yetkin Bayer Clinics, Dr Serkan Aygın Hair Transplant Clinic, Sapphire Hair Clinic Istanbul, and Smile Hair Clinic Istanbul, all of which have reasonable pricing.