Nood vs. Ulike: The Better IPL Hair Remover Is?

In recent years, the world of different hair removal techniques has changed a lot and it has shifted from temporary hair removal to permanent hair removal. Do you wonder how you can get rid of unwanted hairs permanently?

Yes, it is possible to remove hairs from the body permanently with the use of the latest technology called IPL. IPL is an Intense Pulsed Light that damages the roots of hairs to permanently cease the growth of hairs.

It means that the time has come when you can get rid of pain-bearing hair-removing methods such as waxing and threading and unpleasant ways such as shaving and the use of depilatory creams.

What is IPL and How it Works:

IPL is a noninvasive method of hair removal from the body that works on the principle of intense light. A specific wavelength of light is targeted on hairy areas in the form of pulses. These pulses of light have nothing to do with skin rather they reach hair follicles.

Beneath the skin, in hair follicles, light energy is converted into heat energy and it destroys the pigment melanin that is responsible for hair growth. Therefore hair follicles are damaged and hair growth is stopped.

Continuous sessions of IPL help to destroy hair follicles completely and hair growth is stopped permanently. This treatment can be carried out at home as well as in a professional setup such as a clinic or saloon.

Hair Removing IPL at Home Devices:

With the advent of IPL hair removal devices at home, a race of hair removal devices has been started. It becomes difficult to choose one out of all and purchase it to use for permanent hair removal at home.

Let me help you to decide by explaining the details of the top two at-home hair removal devices.

1.     Ulike Hair Removal Device:

Like other top companies, IPL has also indulged in the race of hair removal devices by designing innovative smart and sleek devices that you can easily access at any online Ulike store and physical stores in the UK. At home, Ulike hair removal devices have the following features that make them distinguishable;

  • The most unique feature of the Ulike device is the built-in cooling mechanism with each pulse of light. This is an ice compress mechanism in which the skin is cooled before the light pulse touches the skin. It makes the hair removal experience more comfortable and pleasant.
  • Ulike devices have inbuilt UV filter installation that filters the UV light before it touches the skin. this feature helps the skin to protect from the harmful effects of UV light. This feature is called the safety feature of Ulike devices.
  • Another good thing about ulike devices is the long-lasting battery that helps you to have long uninterrupted sessions of hair removal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ulike Hair Removal Devices:

Before deciding on the purchase of hair removal devices, it is important to weigh the advantage-to-disadvantage ratio.

Ulike devices at Ulike stores and other superstores claim to have fast speed, a modern sleek design, long-lasting batteries, a built-in cooling mechanism, and swift gliding on the skin surface. You can say goodbye to time taking laser hair removal sessions and start your own at home.

On the other hand, the Ulike device is not effective for all hair types and skin types therefore it is always necessary to consult with the customer service of Ulike before making a final decision. This wonderful Ulike device can be worthless for you if it is not effective for your skin colour and hair colour.

2.     Nood IPL Hair Removal Devices:

Nood IPL device is a very popular device in the laser hair removal market because it offers hassle-free treatment. It has the following potential key features;

  • The top-notch feature of the Nood device is its ergonomic compact design, which is very easy to handle and operate during treatment. It fits in your hands glides effortlessly on your skin and easily reaches those areas that are hardly accessed.
  • Another key feature of the Nood device is skin tone detection. It automatically detects the skin tone and adjusts its intensity.
  • Nood devices have wide IPL window that covers a larger area during each session and the total time for each hair removal session is decreased.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nood IPL Devices:

Are you still unable to decide whether you buy a Nood or Ulike device? After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of Nood IPL devices you will be able to decide what to purchase.

This good device works for a wide range of skin tones, handy handset, and has a wide window for IPL that makes it famous among people. On the other hand, it has been reported that Nood IPL devices take a longer time to show results.

After careful comparison of both IPL devices, it is obvious that the Ulike IPL device is a fast, modern, smart, and long-lasting battery device with a built-in cooling mechanism. While Nood IPL device is applicable for a wide range of skin tones and skin colours.