Lucas Perez: Arsenal’s transfer fail

Over the last years of Arsene Wenger’s spell at Arsenal, the Gunners have gradually declined to a mid-table Premier League side. Among other things, this was an affect of unsuccessful transfers decisions. However, under Mikel Arteta, Arsenal seem to be back on track these days. If you want to profit from their matches, then you might consider registering at Bet365. Specify a Bet365 bonus code, and you will definitely get a decent reward.

So, as for the most disastrous transfers in the club’s history, striker Lucas Perez is hands down one of those. The Spaniard joined the club in 2016 having spent only one good season in European top-flight football. Before that, he was an average footballer who played even in Greek and Ukrainian leagues.

Besides, the striker was already 28 at the time, and it was hardly possible to make a long-term bet on him. Moreover, his price tag was 17 million pounds. Indeed, the price is not overwhelming, but it was somewhat overpriced for the 28-year-old player without vast experience.

Unfortunately for Arsenal faithful, the worst fears about his career at Emirates realized. The striker played only 11 games for Arsenal, mostly coming off the bench. Over the time, Perez scored only one goal. By the way, you can use the reward for the bonus code by Bet365 for predictions and matches involving Arsenal and other Premier League clubs.

After one year, Arsenal have loaned him to Deportivo and then sold to West Ham. The striker failed to revive his career at both the clubs. As a result, he left England in July 2019 and no one have ever regretted it.

The reasons for the Spanish forward’s failure

Perez’s failure hardly came as a surprise for most fans. Many realized that Arsenal have landed a second-choice striker, but still it was not one goal that was expected from him. By the way, you can go through Perez’s stats in other clubs on 777score. As for the probable reasons behind his unfortunate stint, the key ones are as follows:

  1. Lack of experience of playing at the highest level. Moving to the Premier League meant he would have to deal with completely different speeds and turned out to be not prepared for it.
  2. Injury blow. Due to the fitness issues, the forward missed a significant part of the season and could not show the maximum of his capabilities for a long time.
  3. Competition. Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and other players were starring in the Arsenal squad at the time. Naturally, it was difficult for the Spaniard to get much playing time.

His subsequent career went down as well as he currently plays for Spanish side Elche whose stats are available at 777score around the clock.

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