Shots on target meaning and tips

Shots on target betting is fast rising among punters today, giving room to bet on individuals or teams. Bookmakers have noticed the sparking interest in this market and now make available different sections of this for football fans. You can find it in football and ice hockey competitions. Understanding this topic will help know which shots are counted because not all player shots taken in a game are classified as on target. There are conditions it must meet before it.

A shot on target is a shot that goes into the net or is stopped by the goalkeeper or the last man standing. The last man refers to any player who stops the ball from entering the net at close range. Shots that hit the post or crossbar and rebound do not count, except if it is heading into the net or stopped. A blocked shot by any player other than the last man is also not counted because it isn’t certain if it will be on target.

Punters make this bet mostly on attacking players like Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Robert Lewandowski etc. These are examples of players that can average over 2 shots per game, especially when facing weaker teams, they can average three or more. Teams that average a high number of shots on target are well known, Man City, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid can average at least four on target per game.

There are some situations where the shot can be counted like offside and corner. The attempt must go straight into the net for a corner kick to be counted without touching any player. But if it is saved by the goalkeeper or cleared by the defender, it won’t be counted. In an offside scenario, if a player from Team A shoots the ball and it doesn’t become a goal, and the referee decides to play advantage to Team B, it will be counted as a shot on target.

Hockey is another sport where this betting market is available. It’s similar to football, and almost the same strategies are used when making the NHL betting tips. The same rules that apply to football apply, e.g. blocked shots don’t count and others. Over/under for individuals is possible. Players like Jakob Silfverberg and Sidney Crosby can have the line set at 2.5.

The betting odds of this market can be found on many bookmarkers.

What are the sports that involve shots on target bets?

Football and ice hockey are the major sports bettors get shot on target betting. There are so many popular leagues and tournaments with this betting market.

Below is the list of some tournaments that involve target betting:

  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga Primera Division
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • French Ligue 1
  • Carabao Cup 
  • Euros
  • FA Cup
  • FIFA World Cup
  • NHL
  • IIHF Ice Hockey World Cup
  • Winter Olympic ice hockey tournament

The NHL is the top ice hockey league that is being picked. There are other leagues but they are not as popular as the American league. Check out the NHL predictions tomorrow for shots on target and other bet markets on Takebet, one of the best ice hockey prediction sites out there.

Top points to consider when doing shots on target bets 

Statistics is the number point to consider before making the bets. Look up sports apps or websites for information on the attacking stats of the teams playing. Examples of things to check out are the total number of shots on target in recent games, average per game, and expected goals (xG). When the xG was high, they had a good number of shots that went on target.

The player’s form is another top point to note. Individuals like Karim Benzema or Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins can average 2 shots on target per game. So when betting on an individual over/under, you can bank on them in the betting tips.

Team news should be checked before concluding the predictions. When a team’s best attackers are injured, suspended or unavailable, it affects their performance. The number of target shots will reduce for a team like Man City without its best players. You should be sure the expected lineup should be available for selection on the matchday.

The betting odds are significant to every punter. The higher the odds, the higher the chances of making more money. Different betting sites provide the odds independently. Don’t just look at one and select. Check others also for the best one. 

Asides from this, the trend of the gameweek is noteworthy, the home and away teams and what type of game it is. A very strong team will easily rack up many shots on target against a weaker team. Teams with the home advantage tend to perform better than their visitors. A big game like a final or derby will have both teams having shots on target. In this case, betting on the team total is feasible. 

Do’s and don’ts when doing a shots on target bet 

Following the top points stated above will help you to avoid mistakes. Take your time while making your predictions. It’s not advisable to rush and bet. Analyze them with the statistics and other records. Don’t use emotion to judge. This happens when you want to bet on the team you support. Check their stats and see if a bet can be won on them. Lastly, Gamble responsibly. Wager with the money you’re comfortable with losing. Never use money that will cost you severely.


Sports betting is easy if you follow the guidelines provided. Shots on target can be won easily, seeing as its chances are high. Some teams give football fans confidence in a high number of shots. There are ways to win more in this betting market. With the use of accumulator bets, the payout can be high. 

There are so many sports betting available; explore them today!

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