WeBuyBooks helps boost Africa’s thirst for knowledge

The UK’s leading platform for turning unwanted books into cash, WeBuyBooks, is helping to provide a boost to literacy rates in Africa.

More than £50,000 has been generated via the platform to date for Books2Africa, a non-governmental organisation that supplies educational tools to Africa.

“It is heartening to see our platform increasingly becoming a vital fundraising tool for charities and NGOs,” said Ben Wadsworth, marketing manager at WeBuyBooks.

“Books2Africa does phenomenal work facilitating book supplies and helping the overall quality of education in Africa.

“The fact that an independent British-based business like WeBuyBooks can play a part in that is wonderful.

“It is also pleasing to see books playing a direct and indirect role in having a positive change.”

Books2Africa’s aim is to send one million books to countries across Africa each and every year.

The organisation was founded by African students in 2012. Those founding members continue to play active roles within the group’s trustee board – a presence that reflects the diversity within the communities served by the charity.

The NGO’s role of collecting and distributing quality books, computers, and educational materials has continued for over a decade.

WeBuyBooks has proven an attractive platform for charities to boost their coffers through the post-pandemic downturn. Simplicity is the key to this success – users simply enter the barcode or ISBN of their item, get an instant valuation, package and post their item for free, and receive money in return.

Individual users on the platform last year sold over 3.5 million books, with the typical site user pocketing an average of £29.10.

For charities and non-profit organisations the benefits can be much greater.

Books2Africa has revealed that money raised through the platform has proved crucial.

“We are so grateful for our partnership with WeBuyBooks,” a spokesperson said.

“By buying 5% of the books donated to Books2Africa our relationship with WeBuyBooks helps fund our operational costs, allowing us to continue our vital work.

“It’s relationships like this that help to highlight the important work we do in reducing environmental waste in the UK and improving the quality of education in Africa.”


(photo: Books2Africa)

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