Western Building Consultants Start Their Sustainable Journey

Western Building Consultants have taken further steps towards a sustainable future, replacing three of their vehicles with new electric MINIs as part of their sustainable transportation plans. They hope their first steps towards protecting the environment will be noticed, and inspire other companies in the construction industry to follow in their footsteps.

The state of our planet is at the forefront of many of our minds, with great turning points, such as COP26, in the news. With the UK set on its path towards Net Zero, we all need to take practical steps to reduce climate change.

It is evident that we need to do something for our environment, but what the question is -how to start? This is where Western Building Consultants decided to take action. Introducing three electric MINI vehicles to their transport fleet for the company is part of their plans to reduce their carbon footprint.

James Dean, Director of Western Building Consultants, is delighted with this important stage in their business,

“We all have an obligation to do what we can towards climate change. As business owners and individuals. The construction industry has a lot of work to do to become climate positive, and I’m proud to enhance our existing promotion of public transport in our team by providing our staff with the ability to meet our customers in a sustainable way, using electric pool cars. We have also created micro offices in the local areas we operate, so that staff serving those areas don’t need to needlessly travel to see our clients locally from the Bath head office and reduce commute times and emissions.

It reinforces the practice what we preach approach demonstrated with the sustainable refurbishment of our Western Cafe building in Weston, Bath. Utilising natural eco friendly materials, such as hemp, wood fibre, sheep’s wool and clay products. Not only do we owe this to our local area and country, but many of us in WBC are parents, and we all want our children to grow up in a better world.”

Saffron Rabey, is the Business Development Manager at Dick Lovett Bath,

“We have been helping Western Building Consultants with their fleet needs since 2014. It’s been a delight to help them switch to a more sustainable option, and exciting that they have chosen Electric MINIs for their fleet. For business owners, the benefit of electric is huge; with lower running costs, tax savings and being environmentally friendly. We hope to see the MINI Es in and around Bath.”

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