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Oasis Network, OMG Network and HUH Token will all be hoping for a bullish run throughout the majority of 2022. This will be a warm welcome after a cold departure in 2021. The bearish trend caused a decrease in market value across almost every cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Oasis Network is a layer 1 blockchain that was designed with versatility and scalability in mind. The Oasis Network has accomplished this by using two layers as the structure of their system. First is the consensus layer. This layer uses a proof of stake consensus that is run by validator nodes. The second layer is named the ParaTime Layer. The purpose of this layer is to host parallel run times.

Recently, the Oasis Network saw its first decentralised exchange reach $100 million total locked value in only 24 hours. This resulted in an increase in the price of the Oasis Network coin (ROSE).

The OMG Network is a layer 2 scaling solution for one of the largest blockchains in existence, Ethereum. It is a value transfer network for Ethereum and any other ERC-20 token. It allows faster and cheaper transactions whilst not sacrificing security. The OMG Network also enables users to stake their OMG. This allows the network to stay secure and rewards users for doing so with more tokens over time.

OMG Network was added to Kraken for Japanese users, alongside some other cryptocurrencies. This could have been a factor in its recent upwards trend in the past few days. Having more users able to purchase a token and on more platforms will help the trading volume increase.

HUH Token is a wealth-generating token that uses its smart contract to produce Binance Coin as a reward for referring others to HUH. The token also produces more of itself using a method called static reflection. A small fee that is attached to each transaction involving HUH Token is reallocated across every HUH Token holder’s wallet. The combination of these factors result in two separate assets being created, which also diversifies an individual’s income stream, which lowers the risk associated with investing.

HUH Token is one part of a larger project that will involve a social media platform. According to HUH Token’s whitepaper, this platform will be called the MetHUH. It aims to provide a social media platform linked to the blockchain, providing opportunities for those who create content on their platform. The type and amount of engagement will be measured using their technology, resulting in content creators being rewarded with the native token of the network.

With 2022 underway, investors will be examining and researching the next project they want to join in order to grow their wealth. The Oasis Network and OMG Network are pressing forward on their already established names. Significant developments will have to be unveiled to create a meaningful shift in the price of the ROSE and OMG tokens. HUH Token is the newer of these projects and could experience a large increase in value once the main component of its development is complete. Now could be an opportunity to join them now at a low price. The main hope for all of these cryptocurrencies will be to see the return of a bullish market to drive their value upwards.


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