No cold in Samsung refrigerator

No cold in Samsung refrigerator

Possible Causes and Solutions

Samsung appliances can work without repair for years, but sometimes owners complain that the cold suddenly disappears in the refrigerator, although the freezer is working as usual. There can be several reasons for such a problem – from problems with the compressor to damage to the seal. We tell you more about the defect, how to diagnose, find the cause and return the cold to the Samsung refrigerator.

Temperature problems: where does the cold go in the refrigerator

If you want to find the cause yourself, pay attention to the operation of the freezer compartment:

The freezer is working fine, the refrigerator compartment is too warm. This is possible in machines with two compressors, if the electronic control fails, if the sensor breaks, or when the NoFrost fan does not work.

Both cameras don’t work. The most common cause is the failure of the motor-compressor, a defect in the control panel, a malfunction of the thermostat, and freon leakage.

In both cases, it is important in which mode the compressor operates:

– Normal startup and shutdown cycle. If the motor works as usual or turns on less often, the reason is in the control commands. Perhaps the sensor is transmitting incorrect signals or the temperature controller is set to minimum.

– Compressor starts and stops immediately. Probably a problem with the start relay, which prevents the compressor from starting.

– The motor runs without interruption. The compressor is unable to keep the chambers cool. Perhaps the seal is damaged, the pistons are worn out, the pressure in the system has dropped, freon has leaked. Working non-stop quickly leads to engine failure.

How to fix the problem yourself

 If you do not have a special diagnostic tool, there is no list of all Samsung errors, spare parts and refrigerator repair San Jose experience, then there are few options:

Check the seal. If the tape is worn, torn or deformed, then warm air enters the chambers and the compressor cannot cope with the load. In order for the refrigerator to work normally, you need to restore the elasticity of the seal or install a new one. Sometimes cleaning and lubricating the tape helps to solve the problem – the rubber straightens out, fits more tightly to the body.

Check your settings. Try changing the position of the knob.

Defrost the refrigerator. In refrigerators, many failures occur due to icing of wires, sensors, elastic elements, drainage channels. After defrosting, the operation of the equipment can be restored.

If the seal is in order, the refrigerator does not respond to the regulator and defrosting did not help, it’s time to call a mechanic.