This Just In: Cat Lovers Live Longer Than Those Without Feline Companions

There’s a certain happiness that comes with owning a pet, no matter the breed or the type. Cat owners know a special type of bond with an animal that sleeps for the majority of its life, and then proceeds to act either aloof or judgy for most of the rest of it. Studies have been done recently that suggest those with pets, particularly cats, may enjoy a longer lifespan. Here are a few of the reasons that contribute to that hypothesis.

Cats May Lower Stress and Anxiety

Coming home from a day of stress can instantly be made better by a pet. Even knowing that you have a pet at home to come home to can help ease feelings of stress. And if you have been on the internet for any length of time, you have likely seen the memes that claim that a cat’s purr can heal illnesses. While this has not been proven, a cat’s purr does operate at a frequency that has been shown to have beneficial effects in humans. Despite their reputation, cats are normally very affectionate and loving, and a few minutes with a purring cat in your lap is almost guaranteed to lift some of your stress and anxiety. Pets can provide a sense of emotional well-being that some may not have another person around to give to them.

Cats May Help With Mental Illness or Chronic Pain

Millions of people in the world live with a chronic illness, chronic pain, or mental illness. Owning a pet, particularly a cat, has been proven to be effective in helping people with these issues operate on a daily basis. For someone with these types of issues, it can be a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Cats can provide a reason to keep going and motivation because they provide people something to care for outside of themselves. Playing with a kitty can provide a much-needed distraction from pain or personal struggles, and some cats seem to have an instinctive knowledge for when their human needs help.

Cats Can Help You Burn Calories

Cats, especially kittens, love to play and move and chase. Playing with a cat can be a great workout, especially if you get down on the floor with them and really get into it. They can provide endless entertainment to children with a few toys, especially those toys like feather fishing poles or under-the-blanket toys. Playing with a cat can often be funny as well, as their antics can get them into all kinds of interesting positions and situations, and laughter has been proven to have health benefits for humans.

Cats Can Prevent Allergies

This is not one for the adults, but for very young children who have a cat in the household, it may help prevent them from developing allergies. Not only can being around a cat at a young age help prevent youngsters from developing allergies to animal dander, but it can even help prevent reactions to other everyday allergens, as well. Being around animals at a very young age can also help prevent other respiratory issues like asthma or eczema.

Cats as Therapy Animals

When you think of a therapy animal for a nursing home or hospital, a dog is probably what comes to mind first. However, felines also make great therapy animals and can easily provide as many benefits as a therapy dog. Cats are also used as therapy animals for children who have emotional challenges or reading difficulties, or who have autism. Studies have been done that show cats provide benefits to autistic children such as forming closer familial bonds, more engagement, and a better sense of affirmation.


Cats are often seen as mischief-makers and animals that consider humans as their pets instead of their owners. But cats really do provide many benefits as pets that non-pet owners may not get otherwise. If you are a kitty owner, keep this in mind and remember to give back to your pet for the benefits they provide you. Give them plenty of love, buy them some new toys or catnip, or even update their kitty litter to one that can help you, as their owner, know when there is something wrong with their health. After all, for all they do for you, it’s the very least you can do for them!