3 Amazing Lighting Trends Homeowners Should Take Note Right Now

Today’s smart homes demand light fixtures that are highly functional and stylish. Gone are the days of boring light bulbs. Instead, we’re in the age of chic lighting trends revolving around fixtures that exude subtle beauty. 

So, if you’re planning to give your home a new look, it’s important to know these trends well. 

Are you ready to gather some tasteful ideas for your home? 

Let’s get going. 

Latest Light Trends You Should Not Miss in 2022

Every year, we see new lighting trends, both in design and technology, hit center stage. So, if you want to bring the latest design and tech to your home, you must know the latest lighting trends well.

Here are the ones that are trending now. 

1. Chic Industrial Designs

Industrial design light fixtures have started gaining popularity due to their minimalistic look and classy appeal. Despite their raw and mechanical look, these designs have a sophisticated beauty about them.

Be it living room lights, kitchen island lighting, or bedroom lights, today’s chic industrial designs are a perfect fit. 

Going into 2022, you can expect to see more sleek designs with geometric patterns and muted colors in industrial light designs.

2. Simple and Modest Ceiling lights 

Ceiling lights may not be the most stylish lights in your home but they are essential to creating a pleasant atmosphere with their ambient lighting. The latest trends in ceiling lights are all about keeping it simple and classy. 

Clear glass domes, metallic matte finish, and a modern twist to farmhouse-themed designs are trending in ceiling lights. When chosen wisely, these lights can be a tasteful addition to your interior aesthetics. 

3. Contemporary Wall Sconces

Wall sconces do a lot more than just brighten up an empty wall. They are a quintessential design element and can add to the beauty of your home. 

The latest lighting trends in wall sconces revolve around bold designs, sharp edges, and metallic accents. You can choose to install them by the bedside, in your study, living room, or as bathroom vanity lights. Go ahead and use them to brighten up darker walls and create visual contrast in the room. 

We still have a few more fabulous lighting trends that you must take a look at before you choose the lighting fixtures for your home in 2022. 

Check out this infographic by Claxy to update yourself with the latest designs in home lighting fixtures.


Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year

Image Courtesy: Claxy.com


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