Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Mirabaud Group & the Wilde Gallery Exhibit Showcases Contemporary Art in Gstaad

This winter, the Wilde Gallery hosted an exhibition featuring a selection of leading Swiss and international artists. The exhibition invites visitors into a world of snow-capped mountains and vast endless snowbanks. Many of the artworks presented are also present in the Mirabaud collection of Contemporary art.

Passionate about contemporary art, Lionel Aeschlimann, Managing Partner of the Mirabaud Group and Yves Mirabaud, Senior Managing Partner of the Mirabaud Group, initiated and grew the substantial Mirabaud collection in collaboration with Barth Johnson, co-owner of the Wilde Gallery.

Inspired by the scenery surrounding Gstaad, Barth Johnson, and Lionel Aeschlimann sat down with us to discuss their shared enthusiasm for contemporary works of art and their vision for the exhibition.

“There is no doubt that the theme of snow and mountains has a special resonance here, amidst the incredible scenery that surrounds us,” said Johnson. “The landscapes we present have in common the white of the snow, which has always fascinated artists.”

The beautiful and prestigious Swiss ski resort was the perfect home for such an exhibition. “Gstaad has truly managed to maintain its authenticity and its landscapes are breathtaking,” said Johnson. “To exhibit in this sublime place, this open-air painting, is a pleasure that I wanted to share with the artists of the gallery and the many art lovers in Gstaad.”

Picking selected works that resonated with Gstaad’s unique landscapes, the exhibition focused on both established international artists like Marina Abramović, Adel Abdessemed, and Daniel Canogar. Renowned Swiss artists such Not Vital, Fabrice Gygi, Charlotte Herzig, and Yann Gross also had their artwork showcased.

Aeschlimann agreed that the Wilde Gallery on Promenade 62 in Gstaad was the perfect home base for art lovers to appreciate their collection. “Bringing contemporary art and the mountains into dialogue offers a multitude of readings and points of entry to apprehend the works outside the context of an art centre or gallery,” said Aeschlimann. “I am sure that people who view this exhibition will not look at the mountain in the same way afterwards!”

While Johnson had a more artistic take on the surrounding scenery and the impact it played on the collection: “Snow always offers a pretext to evoke light through large abstract white expanses. The contemplation of the immensity of the mountains also invites humility,” said Johnson.

Lionel Aeschlimann also discussed how invaluable the collaboration with Barth Johnson was for the Mirabaud group. The partnership between the Wilde Gallery and Mirabaud helped him, Yves Mirabaud, and other Mirabaud partners to discover new and upcoming talented artists. “Supporting contemporary art means sustaining the world of ideas and the artists who bring those ideas so brilliantly to life,” said Aeschlimann. “In line with the values of the Mirabaud Group, a pioneer in sustainable and responsible finance, our approach to art supports not only today’s artists, but also the institutions and events that help bring art to a wider audience.”

Mirabaud, an International Financial and Banking Group, is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded 2 centuries ago, Mirabaud Group is one of Geneva’s oldest private banks. Today, the group specializes in Wealth Management, Asset Management, and Corporate Finance. The Group is now run by 4 Managing Partners, including Yves Mirabaud, Senior Managing Partner, and Lionel Aeschlimann, Managing Partner.

Beyond its financial services, Mirabaud had been committed to the arts and cultural activities. Over the years, Mirabaud has supported artists and built up a large collection of contemporary art of various media, from sculptures to paintings. They also partner with prestigious groups in the art world, such as the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, the Contemporary Art Fair held in Paris.

With a belief that art should be accessible to all, Yves Mirabaud and Lionel Aeschlimann have put their complete collection online available for everyone to view. To learn more about the Mirabaud group’s Financial Services, head to