allAgents calls for Trustpilot to publish the number of fake reviews removed from paying customers after comparison website is exposed with fake reviews

The UK’s largest property review website,,  calls for Trustpilot to 

publish the split of fake reviews removed between paying and free listing customers after they highlight fake reviews on estate agent comparison website getagent’s profile., a website that aggregates scraped estate agent data and reviews from online sources in order to give what they claim is ‘impartial recommendations’ to consumers, has been found to have a high number of fake and misleading 5-star reviews on their Trustpilot profile page.

Martin McKenzie of allAgents says “A Quick look at their profile page and you can clearly see a high number of misleading reviews not related to their own business. 

“There are hundreds of glowing reviews posted that are clearly of actual estate agents being passed off as their (GetAgents’s) own. This company is known for scraping estate agent reviews from the internet, so serious questions have to be asked here.

“We have even seen a ‘verified’ 5-star review that appears to talk about how great the agent’s  app is at identifying the risks of catching COVID  [Dolbymily 6/10/20]

McKenzie further says “You don’t have to be one of Trustpilot’s  ‘specially trained Content Integrity Agents’ to pick up on this!

“So the Big Question is, despite their high profile PR initiative,  claiming to be clamping down on fake reviews, why does it appear then that they are turning a blind eye to paying customers?

“Once again, we reiterate our call for their CEO, Peter Muhlmann to stand down. Until this happens, they will not be able to begin the process of rebuilding the trust in their review platform until he goes ” 

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