Imminet – Are you Looking for a Travel Visa to the USA? Know what you Need

Thousands of people visit the United States to work, live, or study. After all, it is known as the ‘Land of Opportunity’ and for good reason. However, in order to be able to travel to the United States, you would require a visa. The visitor or tourist visa is called a non-immigrant visa that permits temporary stay in the United States for the purpose of tourism, or holiday. But, it is essential to bear in mind that getting a US visa is no piece of cake. There are a lot of requirements that have to be fulfilled before you are granted one, and there is a possibility of rejection as well.

Of course, it is understood that when you have gone through the effort of applying for a US visa, you do not want your application to be rejected. How can you ensure it does not happen? One way of boosting your chances of getting the travel visa is to use visa services like IMMINET. These are experts and specialize in helping people secure a visa for their required destination, which is the United States in this case. What do you need for your travel visa application? Let’s take a look:

  • Supporting documents

First things first, applying for a travel visa involves presenting property documents like title deeds, car registrations, or land titles that are in your name. Your financial capacity is also taken into account and you have to have enough finances that would be incurred during your stay to the US. You also have to share a bank statement for providing proof of financial stability.

  • Purpose of the trip

IMMINET experts will tell you that US travel visa is solely issued for the purpose of spending short holidays and leisure. This means that you have to present sufficient reasons for wanting to visit the country. To accomplish this, you have to provide travel itineraries that show the schedule you want to maintain and activities you want to engage in during the trip.

  • Background investigation

As the US Embassy looks into the background of the applicant, especially when it comes to employment, you will have to provide IMMINET with relevant information. You will be asked to disclose if you are currently employed, the duration of your employment, the industry you are in, your position in the organization and whether you are a business owner. The US Embassy uses this information to determine the responsibilities of the applicant and their source of funds.

  • Sponsorship

If you are unable to show the financial capacity for supporting yourself during your trip to the United States, then you should have a willing sponsor. When you are applying for a travel visa to the US for the first time, it is understood that you will not be aware of this option and this is where IMMINET can provide you guidance. To put it simply, the sponsor strengthens your visa application that shows evidence that they are willing to bear the applicant’s travel expenses. The goal of the US Embassy is to ensure that the visitor will not need to use public funds when they are in the US.

  • Relationship with the sponsor

Another area where you will find the services of IMMINET useful is when you have to provide evidence of your relationship with the sponsor. The US law allows sponsorship for a travel visa, but they need to prove a relationship. Birth or marriage certificate is needed for family members. Furthermore, they also need to provide evidence of continuous communication, such as chat conversations, pictures, emails and more.

  • Length of stay

When you are providing information to IMMINET for your visa application, you will also have to mention the length of stay. This means you have to provide a date of return to your country. The maximum time that you can stay in the US on a travel visa is not more than three months.

  • Accommodation

Another essential detail that you have to mention is regarding your accommodation. IMMINET will guide you that you have to present hotel bookings and accommodation that show where you will stay in the US. If you are going to the US to visit a family member, you have to share their address. This can be supported by providing documents that serve as proof of address, or an invitation letter.

  • Reasons to return

When applying for a travel visa to the US, IMMINET will inform you that you have to present strong social and economic ties to your country in order to secure a favorable grant. This means that you have strong reasons for returning to your country. These ties have to be provided with supporting evidence, such as job, family and finances.

This entire process can be a big hassle for people and this is where IMMINET and its services can prove to be a huge benefit. They offer you a full line of services that involves obtaining all the right documents, such as letter of invitation, document translation and legalizations. They also have a team of visa and passport specialists who will review your application before they submit it to the US embassy. This ensures that you are not missing out on any important details and have fulfilled all the requirements in the right way.

Furthermore, thanks to IMMINET, you also don’t need to worry about security and privacy because they understand that your documents are sensitive. Therefore, they take steps to protect all your data and do not share your private documents or personal data with anyone. You can also rest assured that you will not have to deal with any surprises in terms of fees. Their charges are fixed and disclosed beforehand on their website, so you will know exactly how much your visa application will cost. As long as you follow all the steps that are provided, you will have the US travel visa that allows you to visit the United States easily.

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