Bike Racks: A Brief Buyers Guide

Buying a bike parking rack is a fun experience with an impressive show of options. With several ways to protect your bike, riders are in a powerful position to secure their investment. If you’re still confused about what to get, then prioritize the things below to make an intelligent purchase.


A bike parking rack should always be a boost in security. That means buying a rack that is resistant against tampering. It should also be strong against harsh weather conditions so that longevity isn’t a concern. Ground, wall and rail mounts need to be made of materials that are resistant to wear and tear. If your bike rack starts to show signs of degradation too early, then there is no guarantee it will hold your bike when it matters the most.


Pay close attention to the type of install the bike parking rack requires. Available mounts are in-ground, gusset, surface, wall and rail. Each of these have their own pros and cons, and some are for multipurpose use. This is probably the most important part of buying a bike parking rack since it determines how your bike will be set. There is also a small chance that your current lock mechanism is incompatible with your current mount option. Details matter, so the installation and mount process require careful forethought.


If you’re purchasing more than one bike parking rack, cost will have to be part of the consideration. Is it for a single consumer, or for a business location? Are you adding or replacing current bike parking racks in private or public locations? These are all things to consider when factoring in the cost of a bike parking rack. Remember, unless it is provided with the racks, you still need extra money for a locking mechanism to fully secure the bikes.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of your bike should always be compatible with the mount. That means purchasing a mount that is strong enough to hold your bike in whatever position it will be in. Thieves aren’t a problem when your wall mount drops your expensive bike to the ground. There should always be ample space for the bike when going on a rack, and it shouldn’t look like it is struggling to hold up the bike’s weight.

Extended Storage

One of the most underappreciated features of a bike parking rack is when it offers extra storage. Whether it is with a matching locker or a more streamlined solution for the rack, extra storage will always come in handy. That means there is a place to store a small pack, your shoes and even your bike helmet. For personal bike parking racks, this option is more open and doesn’t require a lock. If using this for public places, then the extra storage should always come with either a locker, or another way to secure the items.

Protect Your Ride

A bike lock won’t help if you don’t have a rack to secure its position. Bike theft is a real thing, so you should always look for ways to make thieves second guess their actions. It’s your bike, and a bike parking rack will reinforce that ideal.