A Style for Every Body: The Five Most Common Bikini Bottoms Out There

Packing to go on a beach vacation can be incredibly exciting, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve last seen the beautiful turquoise ocean. This is your chance to pull out all of those cute and flirty sundresses that have been collecting dust in the back of your closet, and you’re finally able to put your strappy sandals and wide-brimmed hats to good use. However, there is one essential article of clothing that is a must for every beach vacation: the bikini.

Fortunately, trying to find the right bikini for your body type doesn’t have to be a super stressful task. Gone are the days of the generic, one-size-fits-all approach to swimwear. These days, you have your choice of what type of bikini bottom you can wear, which means you don’t have to feel uncomfortable when rocking your two-piece. If you’re looking for the perfect swimsuit for your next beach vacay, why not try one of these bikini bottom styles out?

The High-Waist Bikini Bottom

For a lot of women, wearing a bikini can definitely invite mixed emotions. On one hand, they want to feel confident and attractive when wearing their two-piece. On the other, there might be some parts of their body that they’re somewhat shy about showing off. For those of you who may be feeling a bit hesitant about putting your tummy on display, you might be relieved to know that the high-waisted bikini bottom can help you show off your gorgeous legs – while also keeping your stomach hidden from view.

The Cheeky Bikini Bottom

When it comes to wearing a bikini, there’s only one rule you should follow: if you’ve got it, flaunt it! This means that if you’re proud of your derriere, then you’ll definitely want to pack a pair or two of cheeky bikini bottoms on your next vacation. These tend to be a bit higher cut across the behind, which means you’ll be able to show off your booty when you’re frolicking in the sand or splashing in the ocean. There’s no reason to hide your figure, especially if you feel amazing in your swimsuit!

The String Bikini Bottom

This type of bikini bottom tends to be a bit more bold and daring, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you tend to be on the more confident side, then you’ll no doubt love having a string bikini in your luggage when you go to the beach. These tend to include a triangle patch of fabric in the front, a narrow gusset, then another triangle in the back to cover your rear. They’re held together by a pair of strings, which are tied at each hip. While adorable, you’ll probably want to avoid playing beach volleyball or jet skiing when wearing one!

The Hipster Bikini Bottom

This type of bikini bottom is the best of both worlds. It’s cute and somewhat sexy, but it’s also secure and not prone to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions when you slip into it. These are also great if you have abs that you like to show off, as they tend to be fairly low-slung on your hips. Because they’re so simple in shape, they’re great for bold colors and patterns. However, you definitely can’t go wrong with a basic black one… or a yellow polka-dotted one, if you felt so inclined!

The Skirted Bikini Bottom

Finally, you really can’t go wrong with a skirted bikini bottom. Many ladies tend to feel insecure about the lower half of their bodies, even if they’re confident about their bellies. For them, a skirted bikini allows them to show off their tummies, but it also gives them the opportunity to be a bit more modest when at the beach. The skirt can vary in length, from just covering the hips and flank to falling just about mid-thigh. No matter which one you prefer, you’ll feel stunning when you wear one!

It’s important to remember that a beach vacation is supposed to be fun. This means that the last thing you need to be worrying about is how you look in your swimsuit, especially when you should be focusing on making incredible memories and spending time with your loved ones. Fortunately, with the right bikini in your suitcase, you won’t have to waste any time wondering how you look. Instead, you can turn your attention to what really matters – enjoying your beach vacation to the fullest!