Things you may ask your dentist about dental implants

Dental care may have advanced in recent years. Still, millions of people in the U.S. suffer from tooth loss, primarily due to injuries, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. So, what are your options if it happens to you? Of course, you have bridges, but they can be pretty expensive, not to mention time-consuming and even painful to put in place. But bridges aren’t your only option; you could also go with dental implants. Dental implants are a fantastic alternative for dentures or bridgework nowadays. They’re also an option even if you suffer from the problem of root recession.

If you are already thinking about this option, you may have multiple questions about this procedure. Ask your dentists for some pertinent things about this to get all your worries resolved. Here is a hint.

What is precisely a dental implant?

When you visit a clinic for dental implants Jacksonville FL, you can ask your dentist to explain this specific dental treatment a bit. They will most likely talk about the materials that make it and different components of its structure, such as bridge, cap, titanium fixture, etc. They can also inform how an implant attaches to the bone and eventually paves the way for your artificial tooth or teeth. Before you forget, it is a surgical process. The doctors can guide you about recovery and everything to make it minimally painful. Also, they are safe for your bones, which dentures and bridgework may not offer.

Is this procedure common and safe?

As mentioned, tooth loss is one of the common issues with Americans, and hence, a dental implant has become a standard solution for them. People opt for this to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth based on the situation. So, whether you lose your tooth to decay or sports injury, or something else, you can depend on this treatment to restore your dental health. Since they tend to offer longevity, it becomes another reason to choose them. And talking about safety, you don’t have to worry about this aspect if you get this done by a credible and experienced doctor.

How durable is it?

Most dentists will tell you that these can survive with proper care and maintenance for many years. However, you don’t have to use any unique tool for cleaning. Regular brushing and flossing routine will suffice. At the same time, it will be better to see your dentist at least once or twice for a checkup to ensure its longevity. Do you wonder what if they don’t work for you? Well, dental implants suit almost everyone. The problem can occur if someone has a titanium allergy—also, lack of oral hygiene can be a scenario where your body rejects this solution.

Can others recognize someone is using dental implants?

Nobody can understand the difference because they resemble natural teeth in color and shape. Dentists offer custom-made solutions keeping this factor in mind. Anyone can detect it only through a radiograph as implants contain metal.

You can ask any relevant question to your dentist to prepare yourself for the treatment. When you opt for this with proper knowledge, you will feel less stressed.

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