What is Oracle EBS testing?

If you are looking forward to implementing, ordering, or patching your Oracle E-Business Suite, you need to perform Oracle functional testing to ensure that your EBS system continues to work as expected. Nowadays, several EBS testing frameworks provide a complete solution to make sure the quality and performance of your Oracle E-Business Suite work as expected.

Performing EBS testing before deployment and keeping up with the pace of application updates while maintaining application quality can be pretty challenging, especially if your testing isn’t automated. Some of the major challenges end-user faces includes:

  • Frequent updates make it harder to perform Oracle testing.
  • Depending on non-technical employees from various departments like HR and Finance to conduct manual testing.
  • Long delays while applying necessary upgrades and patches.
  • Not getting close to 100% code coverage, thereby leaking bugs into the real environment.

In order to eliminate the aforementioned challenges and increase productivity, providing a stable technology and stress-free environment for end-users becomes a priority, and in this regard, automated Oracle functional testing plays a crucial part.

Another significant reason to provide error-free Oracle EBS upgrades and patches is the sheer cost of downtime for a system that your entire company relies on.

Cloud-based test automation for Oracle E-Business Suite

A cloud-based test automation tool is just a testing automation tool that works on the cloud and can effortlessly test your Oracle EBS system without any requirement to install any external component of it in your on-premise network or behind your business’s firewall.

What are some of the essential steps while upgrading Oracle EBS?

Oracle E-business suite updates are usually delayed, and they get more delayed due to the expected headaches from system integration issues. So it is essential to thoroughly understand the EBS upgrade process in order to understand how it can affect your business and, more importantly, what one can do to avoid those headaches from manifesting.

It is recommended to upgrade planning by a dedicated team that is aided by business users and Oracle functional testing experts. Planning upgrade helps develop a clear and concise project scope with a detailed project plan. In addition, these things also help answer issues like upgrade objectives, functionality changes and discuss the effect it may have on the available interface environment. A clear understanding of your Oracle ENS footprint is necessary for working out the scope and size of your EBS upgrade process.

Upgrade Evaluation

Before starting the upgrade process, it is necessary to properly evaluate whether the new changes provide equal advantages and business value to the current system. This can be performed by analyzing already existing CEMLIs (Configurations, Extension, Modification, Localization and Internationalization, and Integration).

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