Passwd: A New Team Password Manager for Google G Suite

Passwd is a fresh take on how to store, share and secure teams’ confidential information. A cloud-native app, it’s built to work with Google G Suite and runs on Google Cloud Platform. Passwd was developed by Ackee, a technology company based in Prague, Czechia.

Passwd helps teams bring their passwords together in a safe and intuitive way. The application introduces an innovative set of features not only for remote work. It is neatly built into the Google G Suite, and by means of a new architecture model it pushes security standards to the next level.

Apart from passwords, Passwd stores API credentials, secret notes and other types of confidential information. Passwd users sign in to the application using their Google account. A key feature of theteam passwordmanager designed specifically for Google G Suite is permissions control. The application uses G Suite accounts and groups to control and regulate access to specific records. Users can share their data just like they share documents on Google Drive.

“We at Ackee don’t like to entrust our passwords to 3rd party web services. Even though the service claims they have the best security,you still store your passwords in a database that is controlled by someone else.This is not the case with Passwd. You host it yourself. It’s the same as saving a file on your Google Drive – only you can access it.” says Josef Gattermayer, CIO at Ackee.

Passwd unites the simplicity of SaaS with the security of self-hosted applications. Unlike many other password managers, it is not a Software as a Service (SaaS) running in 3rd party servers. It is a cloud-native application that runs in the cloud owned and controlled by the company. This means that there are no additional maintenance costs of hardware and IT administrators. Also, there are no potential risks of using 3rd party servers.

Passwdworks in browsers and runs as a progressive web app (PWA) on desktops and phones (iOS and Android). A fully functionaldemois available.