Blue Streak Content is helping COVID-hit firms to re-brand and refocus

The Teesside-based copywriting firm Blue Streak Content has been working with a diverse range of brands during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although many brands have reduced their marketing spend during recent months, others have continued to invest in marketing to keep business moving forward.


The company has been working with brands from sectors including retail, hospitality, leisure and more to keep their exposure levels high and boost their online visibility. Companies are being encouraged not to let their SEO efforts slide due to COVID-19.

During the lockdown, people were spending vast amounts of time online looking for products and services to be delivered directly to their homes and downloaded to their devices. This has resulted in an online purchasing boom. Online purchasing is still on the rise despite millions of people now being back in the workplace.


As some goods have become scarcer over recent months, online searches for products have increased rapidly. This means it’s essential that product suppliers and manufacturers can be found online. Blue Streak Content founder Catherine Challen says the company has been inundated with requests from companies keen to boost their online presence during these uncertain times.

“People still need all sorts of products and services regardless of the pandemic. With so many people self-isolating and shielding, it’s no surprise to see them sidestep the high street in favour of online retail. Online marketing and SEO can be the difference between brands surviving and shutting their doors for good.”


Now that overseas travel has become much more difficult, it’s also important for domestic hospitality companies to enhance their online visibility and tap into the “staycation boom”. Challen says the company has seen a substantial rise in enquiries from hotels, bars and other leisure businesses seeking to drive custom and get sufficient numbers through the doors.

“Having worked in online marketing for so long, we have vast experience in boosting brand visibility. We use a range of techniques to bring brands and their customers closer together, drive sales and enhance the reputation of our clients. Our website content, blog and article writing services, and press releases have sent many companies to page 1 of Google, and we are confident this pattern will continue”.

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