7 Home Treatments For Fungal Infection That Work Wonders!

7 Home Treatments For Fungal Infection That Work Wonders!

Rashes, inflammation, redness, itch, and whatnot! Fungal infections can be bothersome! Common fungal infections include ringworm, athlete’s foot, diaper rashes, and jock itch.

They usually occur due to poor hygiene, humidity, pollution, and low immunity. The nasty fungus can take over any part of your body, from nails (toenail fungus) to mouth (oral thrush).

As per Microbial Cell, 150 severe cases of fungal infections occur worldwide annually. Among these, 1.7 million result in a fatality.

With the increase in resistant fungi, most clinical treatments are getting useless. Thus, natural home remedies to the rescue!

Get rid of the nasty fungal infection with these incredible home remedies!

1.   Honey:

Is there any health issue that honey can not resolve? Famous for its healing properties, honey is the best remedy for fungal infections. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which makes it a natural antiseptic. Thus, it is very effective in killing bacteria and fungus.

How to Use:

Apply a small amount of honey to the infected area and leave for 20-30 minutes. Repeat it twice a day for better recovery.

Safety Note:

After some time, honey may start irritating your skin. So, wash it off thoroughly.

2.   Yogurt:

Yogurt- the hub of good bacteria- is a promising treatment for fungal and yeast infections. These good bacteria fight nasty bacteria, fungi, and yeast. The probiotics (lactobacillus) present in yogurt produce hydrogen peroxide that kills the germs. Thus, you can count on yogurt to relieve your fungal infection!

How to Use:

  • Apply some amount of cold yogurt to affected areas to ease the pain.
  • A mixture of yogurt and honey works best for vaginal yeast infections.

3.   Turmeric:

Turmeric- the golden spice- is a staple kitchen ingredient. It does not make your food flavorful but provides countless health benefits. Turmeric has remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Thus, it works wonders against fungal infections as well.

Turmeric also nourishes the skin, removes blemishes, and heals wounds.

How to Use:

  • Make a thick paste of turmeric and water. Apply it to the infected area and wash it off once it dries.
  • Include turmeric water or turmeric tea in your diet to cleanse your body.

4.   Apple Cider Vinegar:

There are countless benefits of apple cider vinegar for the human body. From aiding weight loss to killing off bacteria, ACV is the wonder ingredient you all need. Its anti-microbial properties and acidic nature ward off the fungus and bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar also possesses nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and fibers. Thus, it also strengthens your immunity to fight the infection.

How to Use:

  • Take a tablespoon of vinegar and honey in a glass of water daily.
  • Dab some vinegar with the cotton on the damaged surface.
  • Mix it with coconut oil and apply it to the vulva or inside the vagina. It is the best way to use apple cider vinegar for yeast infection
  • For toenail fungus: mix water and vinegar in a 2:1 ratio and soak your feet into it

5.   Oregano Oil:

Oregano oil is yet another potent antifungal agent. It contains a phenolic component- thymol- that inhibits microbial growth.

According to a study, oregano’s antibacterial properties can inhibit fungal growth in nails when included in an essential oil blend.

How to Use:

  • Add a few drops of oregano oil in a carrier oil (such as olive oil) and dab on the affected area.
  • Oregano oil capsules are also available for oral use.

Safety Note:

Oregano oil can cause damage if you have sensitive skin. Thus it is suggested to do a patch test before using.

6.   Aloe vera:

Apart from soothing the skin, aloe vera can also protect the skin from fungal infection. It has antiseptic nature, so it kills off bacteria and fungus. It also has killing activity against Candida Albicans (yeast) strains.

Aloe vera can also relieve pain, itchiness, and swelling. Besides killing off fungus, it soothes and repairs the skin as well.

How to Use:

Apply some aloe vera gel 3-4 times a day to the affected area. Use fresh aloe vera gel for better results.

7.   Garlic:

Another mind-blowing home remedy for fungal infection is garlic. It is one of the most potent anti-microbial agents. You can include garlic in your diet to reduce the chances of getting a fungal infection.

How to Use:

Mix crushed garlic with olive oil and form a thick paste. Apply this paste to the infected area and leave for some time. Rinse with clean water and dry off the part.

Safety Note:

Avoid using raw garlic paste because it can cause skin irritation.


If not treated promptly, fungal infection can cause permanent damage to your skin. There are several home remedies available that fight off the fungus for you.

Besides, there are other steps to prevent getting attacked by some dirty fungus. Take your diet high in nutrition to improve your health and immune system. Wear loose and breathable clothes. Maintain body hygiene religiously.

If the infection persists, kindly consult a physician!