Haitian Trio Creates ‘The Fitting Curve’

Sisters Kelly, Helene, and Stephanie are the owners of a black-owned boutique called The Fitting Curve; a boutique and safe space for women to find undergarments. The Haitian trio creates an experience that embodies the feminine spirit and the authenticity of women’s bodies. Not only do they provide a wide selection of bras, but The Girls have created a private label line that makes everyone feel sexy, luxurious and most importantly, the best version of themselves.

Outstanding customer service, quality products, wide selection and an intimate touch make the shopping experience all-the-rave for New Yorkers. The Girls make you feel “seen”, sophisticated, and safe in their land of undergarments. Located in Rockville Centre, New York, The Fitting Curve is the perfect place to find the perfect [lingerie] set. They specialize in fitting breast cancer patients across the NYC metro area and have a local partnership with the American Cancer Society.