4 Design Tips for Boosting Brand Recognition

4 Design Tips for Boosting Brand Recognition

Familiarity is at the heart of many of our purchase decisions. Most people purchase products and interact with a company in some way because they know that company. This is brand recognition. Brand recognition means that a target buyer recognizes your brand as soon as they see it, and they also know what type of products and services you sell. If they can pick your products out of the many sold by similar businesses and brands you will have achieved maximum brand recognition. But how can you use brand recognition to ensure this? 

Create a Focal Point

There is a good reason that many food products have both the brand name and a mascot on the boxes or packaging. People can forget or confuse the brand name but will rarely confuse the mascot unless a second company is infringing on another’s intellectual property. This is because these brands have made their mascots the focal point and when you see them, you know what the brand is even if you don’t quite remember the name. 

When designing packaging, you want to focus on making the brand name or some other unique design stand out. The reason for doing this is that it makes it easy for people to connect adverts to your products by providing something that ties both together. Good design should make it easier to add this focal point. 

Use Design To Categorize Products

There is a good reason why food items will have bright packaging and blue is the colour of hygiene products; these colours help place products in the right categories. If people know what colours you use for different products, they will look for these products in the right place on a retail shelf or aisle. This means they are aware of your brands or products, and the only thing left is recognizing both to make the purchase decision.  

Second, your designs can teach people about the purpose of the product, so they know what benefits it affords them. For example, toothpaste designs use specific language like “Zero Cavities” to tell you what the product does. When you see it the next time you are shopping, you will recognize it as the toothpaste you bought last time that helps fight cavities. 

Use The Right Designs on Promotional Products

Many people think promotional materials like brochures, leaflets, flyers, and promotional stickers do not have a place in the highly digital world we live in today. That is not true because these materials can still produce great results if they are used in the right way. The trick here is ensuring they have stellar and eye-catching designs. 

Graphic design will give you an edge, and the good news here is that there are lots of tools to help you create amazing promotional materials. There are graphic design tools for leaflets, brochures, and flyers. For custom stickers, you can use a sticker maker online to create stickers that you can post on social media, post online or, more importantly, print physical copies of so people can take them everywhere and promote your business wherever they go. 

Create Consistent Designs

Consistency between different products that your brand makes improves brand recognition. A cohesive design language in all your advertising makes your products easier to recognize. 

Even when creating consistent designs, it is important to ensure they stand out. Products that stand out are recognized easily and favoured as people shop. A design that helps users recognize your brand and products in a busy aisle is crucial. 

Brands can use design in various ways, one of them is increasing brand awareness. Good design can do this by helping draw attention to a brand or its products, categorizing the product, and tying advertising to the physical product