Get Through High Gas Prices With These Tips To Improve Gas Mileage

Get Through High Gas Prices With These Tips To Improve Gas Mileage

The price of everything has gone up in the past several months, including the cost of fuel. Gas prices are the highest they’ve been since 2008 and that has left people wondering what they can do to ease the pain on their wallets. Outside of never driving again, there are some ways that people can improve their gas mileage to get more for their money. It’s entirely possible that by changing a few habits and making some adjustments to their car they can ride out this inflation wave without going completely broke.

Keep Your Trunk Clean

How much stuff do you carry around in your trunk that you don’t need everyday? Keeping your trunk free and clear is a fantastic way to improve fuel efficiency. Those extra bags of stuff that don’t need to be there should be stored away in your home, donated if you don’t want them anymore, or thrown in the trash if they are no good. This simple tip is one of the easiest ways to get better fuel mileage.

Maintain Good Tire Pressure

Tires that are running low, even if they are in the low range of good, can decrease fuel mileage. Keep your tires aired up as high as they allow for the best fuel mileage. When tires aren’t as full, they cause energy loss which adds up to less gas mileage. Additionally, running with your tires chronically low on air makes them more susceptible to damage and can wear them out more quickly. Low tires are more prone to flats, which can be dangerous if they blow while you are driving. For safety reasons and for better gas mileage, maintain good tire pressure and check them regularly.

Make a Few Modifications

There are plenty of modifications that people in the car world know all about. From superchargers to adding a short ram intake, there are multiple ways to improve the performance of your engine, which in turn can give you better gas mileage. If you’re new to the modification world, work with an automotive expert who can educate you on all the different ways to boost the gas mileage on your car. While you might think that modifications are just for people who like to race cars, they have benefits for average car drivers as well. Some of these upgrades may void your car warranty, so just be aware of that before you make any changes to your car while it’s still under warranty.  

Get an Engine Tune-Up

When was the last time you scheduled a tune-up for your vehicle? Getting an engine tune-up is a fantastic way to keep your engine performing at its best and helps to give you the best gas mileage possible for your car. A mechanic will check that your spark plugs are working efficiently, that your filters are clean, that the airflow is adequate, and more. An engine tune-up is a small expense for the return of getting better fuel efficiency.

Change Your Driving Habits

No one wants to get told they are a bad driver, but let’s face it, all of us have picked up bad driving habits over the years. Stopping short, revving the engine, hit the gas too hard, speeding up and slowing down often are all habits that may seem harmless, but they can cause your fuel efficiency to tank. It’s important to evaluate your driving habits and make a conscious effort to improve them if you really want to get better gas mileage when you drive. Steady driving and defensive driving are ways that you can better drive so that your vehicle isn’t burning through too much fuel.

Turn Off Your Car Instead of Idling

Waiting in your car often means that you leave the car running. Because the car is on, it’s burning fuel even though you aren’t going anywhere. You’ll want to turn off your car if you plan to wait a while if you want to get the best gas mileage. The less you idle, the better the fuel efficiency. The same goes for those cold mornings, there is no need to rev your engine. When you do, you use even more fuel than you would’ve if you’d just idled a bit.