Three Ways to Reach the Next Level as a Nurse

Nursing is one of the most important professions in the world. Without nurses, the care given to those seriously in need of medical assistance would be much worse, and many more people would see their illnesses and diseases develop, with many more cases becoming fatal. Beyond that obvious benefit to nurses, they’re also incredibly hard-working individuals, which is something the rest of society looks up to. If you’re a nurse, and you’re looking to see your hard work pay off in more senior and exciting roles, this is the article for you. Below, we line up three of the most effective ways in which you can reach the next level in your profession.


Once you’ve qualified as a nurse, you may shut your textbook and hope never to have to bury your head in another one again. You won’t of course, if you really don’t want to – you have the skills and the training to succeed, and you won’t be forced to take your exams if you took them the first time. But getting back into your studies, progressing your knowledge, will also certainly progress your career and make you eligible for better opportunities.

One of the most popular courses in this regard is the master’s course in nursing. You’ll have to complete your undergraduate in order to qualify and work on the ward, and that extra step in knowhow can see you suddenly promoted to a new role. Go from RN to NP by signing up to an online course today, giving you more chances of finding better paid and more exciting jobs.


Even in the confines of a hospital, networking matters. That’s because the decision to promote you isn’t something that’s in the hands of those who know you the most, but it’s in the hands of hospital managers who oversee large departments. Just like in any other job, you can be doing excellent work on a consistent basis, but if no one’s noticing, you’re likely to be overlooked for those exciting opportunities.

As such, try to network a little each and every week you’re in the job. Take lunch or have a coffee with different members of staff so that you’re familiar with everyone who you work alongside, however large the team, and don’t be afraid to offer your advice or reflections on the ward to senior managers and doctors, who might see you as a forward-thinking person that they ought to promote.


Nurses are best appreciated for being highly diligent in their roles. They check and double-check the medication going out to patients. They’re fastidious in their provision of care, checking with every bed regularly to make sure everyone’s happy. They’re also team players – happy to take shifts or patients off others when they’re needed. If you display all these attributes as a nurse, you’re sure to win affection in the hearts of patients and colleagues alike, which will sit you in good stead for promotion in the future.

Use these tips to help you to advice your career in nursing in the coming months.

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