How to Come Up with the Best Name for a Quest Party

Very often, when planning holidays, customers and organizers are faced with the realization that their chosen scenario doesn’t seem original enough. Holidays are already familiar to everyone, theme parties are boring, and outdoor events in the countryside aren’t suitable for all participants. If the options have run out, a quest will be a great idea for an event!

Quest is an interactive game in which the main task is to find a certain object or achieve a specific goal. On the way to reaching the final point in the game, participants face numerous obstacles and riddles that they need to overcome and solve. 

So, the idea seems to have been sorted out, but what should you call your quest? It should be original and sonorous so that every player remembers you. Funny names related to cartoon characters, computer games, and fairy tales are suitable for children, but adults, in turn, have a lot of interesting options related to “adult” topics — gelato strain, gorilla punch, cherry cola, and so on.

Why are even quests now popular among adults? 

Quest parties are popular among people of all ages. They give participants the opportunity to feel like the heroes of their favorite stories from books and cartoons and to practice their ingenuity, dexterity, accuracy, and other qualities. Here are the main reasons for their popularity: 

  • They’re a universal form of celebration for any age — both children and adults are happy to participate in the game;
  • They contribute to team building;
  • Quests give everyone the opportunity to feel important and benefit from achieving a common goal;
  • Getting excited and entertained in the process;
  • Assistance in unlocking potential and developing leadership skills;
  • A great way to relax after a hard day’s work.

The process of completing a quest or participating in such a party is so fascinating that people give themselves up to the game completely and forget about the pressing problems that torment them in reality.

What to Rely on When Choosing a Name 

To begin with, it’s worth noting that the name should correspond with the environment in which a person plans to use it. If we are talking specifically about a quest party, you need to rely on its theme. Life’s frenzied pace often doesn’t allow a modern person to relax sufficiently, so quests are a great option. 

If we are talking about an adult event, then participants will most likely prefer to rest both physically and mentally, so there will be alcohol, tobacco products, and, possibly, other relaxing substances. Remember that the legality of using such substances depends on the individual country or state. Let’s take a closer look at what should be taken into account when creating an original name for a party!

Step 1. Highlighting the Theme

The highlight is a distinctive feature that: 

  • Attracts other people’s attention;
  • Associated with only one person;
  • Arouses curiosity and interest.

Here again, the question of the scope of use arises, but there’s one general rule that will make any name unique. The name should not only arouse curiosity but also pose a question to the group: what does the name mean, and why did you choose it. It’s highly desirable that the pseudonym is associated with you. 

Step 2. Using Effective Methods 

There are a lot of ways to come up with a name. Depending on the context, certain names may or may not be appropriate. To make your task easier, take a closer look at the following tips: 

  1. One letter. Just one letter adds a considerable amount of mystery to your pseudonym. Such a name is easy to remember and can be interpreted as you like. There’s still a small problem with this method: there are almost three dozen letters in the English language and millions of people all over the world, so the nickname may not be so original. Duplicate characters, combine your first and last name, and in general, let your imagination run wild!
  2. A palindrome. Palindromes are words that are read backward. Most often, people rewrite their names. If the word doesn’t turn out to sound and look attractive, then you can change it a little by adding one or more letters. Don’t forget about using articles, particles, and other elements that will also make their own adjustments to the final appearance of the name! 
  3. A play on words. This method is particularly popular on the web. Its essence lies in the fact that the words are replaced by elements that are identical in pronunciation to numbers or other words. For example, Sk8ter, 4Fun, Friends4ever, etc.
  4. Mythology and literature. This way to come up with a nickname will be most welcome if you plan to impress a well-read and educated person. Mythology, whether ancient Egyptian, antique or Scandinavian, is simply teeming with sonorous names that can be successfully used as a pseudonym.
  5. Objects, phenomena, sounds. An alias can be obtained from anything: from objects, as well as from phenomena and sounds: Buzz, Flash, Transformer — really anything! You choose a name depending on your goals and objectives. 

Now it’s time for the activities when ordinary gatherings with friends or an entertainment program for a birthday need to be organized, prepared in advance, and saturated with interesting content. When there’s no time and energy to come up with something, special events come to the rescue. Quests have become a familiar, though still experimental, form of organizing such leisure. Everyone loves them —adults too!