Sensible Security Measures for Every Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you probably see your business as your baby. You’ll do anything to keep it from harm. But just like with children, the reality is you can’t be there to protect and defend 24/7. There comes a time when you have to trust that things will be okay without you there.

With that said, it’s naive to think you can let the security of your small business come down to faith and trust alone. Like taking steps to ensure children are prepared to face the world in your absence, you should think about ways to keep your business protected.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at eight sensible ways to keep your small business secure:

Surveillance cameras

If your small business is brick-and-mortar, it needs a network of surveillance cameras monitoring every square inch. The good news is today’s commercial security camera options are affordable, reliable, and capable of recording in high-definition. Gone are the days when you needed a massive recording station in a backroom; these systems allow for cloud-stored footage and remote-based monitoring.

Secured storage

Any small business with on-site inventory is vulnerable to theft. Unfortunately, most business thefts are committed by workers, requiring companies to take proper steps to keep inventory safe in the back as well as out front. While security cameras help reduce employee theft, those desperate enough will do it anyway. With this in mind, secured storage systems are essential. While a Kardex Vertical Carousel might not be practical for every type of small business, its state-of-the-art security features are a case study on keeping inventory protected. Each item is tracked and monitored, while employee access is tightly controlled.

Employee background checks

There was once a time when running background checks on prospective employees was a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process. But these days, running a background check takes just a few minutes. Furthermore, it’s far more cost-effective than the days of paper forms and faxes. While running background checks doesn’t guarantee your workers will always be reliable and trustworthy, it reduces the chances of hiring someone who harms the company, either through negligence or malice.

Active shooter training

The unfortunate reality of the modern world is that active shooter incidents are happening more often, with many occurring in workplace environments. It might sound scary and unnecessary, but having employees participate in active shooter training can be a literal life saver. At the very least, consider having your employees read this guide on how to respond to an active shooter situation. You may also want to post laminated copies on a wall where employees can easily see them.

Outdoor lighting

Many criminals prefer to target people when they enter or leave a building, especially employees. While surveillance cameras are an effective deterrence during the day, they don’t provide much protection at night unless there’s adequate lighting. With this in mind, small business owners need to install security lighting around the perimeter of their business and in the parking lot. These lights also do an effective job at discouraging prowlers after hours.

Burglar alarm

Sometimes old tricks are the best ones. Classic burglar alarms that set off a blaring siren and notify local police whenever there’s an indication of forced entry are almost always going to scare away anybody trying to break into your business. While most cities require you to pay and register to have your alarm directly connected to the police, doing so will limit the time a criminal has before risking capture. Smart burglars won’t even bother once they realize your business is alarm-protected, while the stupid ones won’t have time to do damage.

Insurance coverage

No matter how many precautions you take and security measures you invest in, bad things may still happen to your business. The biggest threats to small businesses – other than the risk of financial failure – tend to be the dangers posed by Mother Nature: floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. With this in mind, it pays to be protected by business insurance. Talk to a trusted insurance agent to figure out the best policies for your specific type of business. That way, if something bad happens, you’ll be covered. It won’t bring back what’s lost, but it will make it less likely your business will be forced to shut down.

Do you love your small business like it was your child? If so, keep it protected and secure the same way you would for your offspring!