Peccala’s crypto investment platform launches beta and within 2 months generates 80% returns

Peccala’s crypto investment platform launches beta and within 2 months generates 80% returns

Peccala has launched the world’s first fully automated crypto investment platform that is able to generate profit for investors even during a bear market. 

Designed for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the complexities of the crypto landscape, Peccala is on a mission to change the way investing is done, by providing everyone access to products and technology that will help them easily grow their wealth with crypto.. Users simply invest in Peccala tokens through the platform, and their funds are actively managed by Peccala’s unique algorithmic trading engine 24/7. The user’s Peccala tokens are updated in real time to reflect the value of the investments, and can be redeemed at any time for their USD value.

“We built Peccala to make investing in cryptocurrencies simpler, safer and as effortless as possible for everyone —regardless if you’re a pro or just starting up”, says cofounder JJ Jones. “And because our trading engine performs just as well in a bear market as a bull, we are truly the ultimate crypto hedge“.

Based on over 5 years research and development, Peccala’s trading engine constantly analyses the crypto futures market. It uses proprietary techniques to assess trends in over 120 cryptocurrencies, and automatically places trades on an hourly basis. By investing in futures, the trading engine has the capability to go both long and short, so Peccala investors can make money even in a down market. During the current crypto crash, Peccala has generated over 80% returns with its High Risk strategy.

Peccala opens up investment in crypto by offering easy product choices and a seamless user experience with as little as 200$ starting capital. The product offering consists of actively managed investment strategies allowing users to easily choose a risk level that they are comfortable with. Their High and Medium risk strategies are currently available, and Low risk is coming soon.

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