How Do I know Which Truck Accident Lawyer is Best for My Case?

If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident and suffered severe injuries, it is essential to understand how different truck accident law firms perform in court. Many factors must be considered before hiring a truck accident lawyer who will best represent your case. Many attorneys will not accept cases with no merit, so make sure you evaluate the solicitor carefully before making any final decision on which firm to hire.

Ways to Know Which Truck Accident Lawyer is Best for Your Case

Size of Staff and Number of Offices

A bigger office usually means more staff, which can translate to more remarkable experience, intelligent research, and quality work. However, a bigger office also implies many cases in the pipeline. If you want your case to be heard quickly, we recommend a smaller firm, as they tend to hire only experienced lawyers who will work as hard as possible on your case.

Track Record

You should also consider the track record of the firm. A longer list of successful cases means they have defended many other clients, increasing their credibility. However, this is not always good because sometimes a long list of settlements may imply more lawsuits and not just settlements due to defense work. Every state has different rules regarding the settlement ratio and the number of lawsuits that lawyers can register annually.

Contingency Fees and Upfront Fees

Different firms have different payment terms. Some lawyers charge a case fee payable after a thriving settlement. Others will take 33% of the total monetary compensation; others may ask for 25% or even 40-50%. It is essential to check with the solicitor how they will be paid because this affects their motivation. If your lawyer gets paid by results, they will be more motivated to do their best.

Initial Consultation

A good lawyer will have an introductory meeting and explain the details of your case and the road ahead and ask for a small down payment for the case. Some lawyers will even ask for a small initial fee to ensure you will not take them to court! If you disagree with their terms and conditions, do not hire them. Some lawyers even require a deposit before getting you in touch with a doctor who will help you with your health insurance costs. 


While there are lawyers who practice truck accident law all over the country, laws differ from state to state. If your lawyer is unfamiliar with your particular state’s court rules and regulations, it could be at your disadvantage. Make sure that the lawyer you are hiring knows the ins and outs of how cases work in your area.

Case Potential

It would help if you also considered the case potential. Some cases are harder to win; therefore, you need a skilled lawyer with experience in these types of cases. You may have better luck with a smaller firm with limited staff and experience. Another factor is that the insurance companies may look at which lawyer you are hiring and decide that it is not worth their time to fight your case, saving the attorney’s fees that they would otherwise have to spend.

You might feel intimidated to discuss your rights with truck accident lawyers at the first meeting, you must convey to them any of your concerns. It is also essential to remember that truck accident lawyers are there to help you and not against you, so even if you do not understand something, never be afraid to ask questions.

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