How Oxygen Therapy Helps During Detox?

Recovery from addiction takes a lot of effort as you need to not only set up your mind, but clear your body from all the toxins you consumed while being addicted. But can oxygen therapy really help you with that? To answer this question, we first need to learn what is hyperbaric oxygen therapy and how it works.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a procedure where pure oxygen is used to help the human body get rid of toxins and damaged organs to recover better. The patient breathes oxygen through a mask for a certain amount of time which results in normalizing brain function, lungs, liver, and kidneys working and gives the body the overall treatment it needs to overcome the consequences of drug or alcohol abuse. There are several types of oxygen therapy with HBOT being one of them. Other types include using liquid oxygen, oxygen gas, and oxygen concentrators. 

How oxygen therapy works during detoxification

The sooner you clear your body from substances that should not be there, the sooner your addiction will step aside. To help you do this, they satiate your blood with pure oxygen that helps your organs repair quicker. Proven effect oxygen therapy has on brain cells makes it possible to use oxygen therapy for migraines treatment. For the same reason, it is used to help those trying to get rid of the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Neurogenesis which oxygen therapy stimulates, helps the brain renew the damaged tissues, improving overall functioning.

Not only brain cells benefit from the procedure. Damaged liver and kidneys are also possible to make healthier with it. In general, highly oxygenated blood improves the state of every organ in your body, helping you renew after hard times of addiction and clear it off of your body. 

Benefits of oxygen therapy during detox

What you really need to overcome your addiction is strength, and oxygen therapy for detoxification helps you with it. Aside from helping you clear your body, it gives you better tonus, decreases pain, normalizes your breathing, and calms your nerves, so you feel strong enough to reach your goal. The procedure is painless and doesn’t take any effort from you, while if taken regularly significantly improves your health condition. The frequency and number of sessions needed should be determined by the doctor, as an individual approach is needed here. The procedure has some contradictions that are needed to take into account.

Can oxygen therapy be used with other methods?

Oxygen therapy is a great help during detoxification, but it’s not the only thing it takes to get clean. While it will help you recover and improve the state of your organs that suffered the most during your addiction, just oxygen therapy is hardly enough. There are some other methods of detoxification that are possible to combine with oxygen therapy. One of them is fasting, or, in case of addiction treatment, a diet that should be agreed upon with the doctor in charge of your case. With your body struggling to shuffle off all the toxins it consumed while you were addicted, fasting might not be good for your digestive system. Many rehabs can boast their own takes on a diet for detoxification, and you should follow your doctor’s recommendation strictly.

Another method that may be considered for detoxification is hyperthermia. Though it can really help you get rid of toxins through sweat, it is not suitable for everyone and every health condition. When you’re strong enough from oxygen therapy, you can use Hyperthermia therapy as well, but get approval from your doctor first. 


 Recovering from any addiction is a tough challenge, but with modern medicine and everything we know about how our brain and body work, most can manage to get back to a healthy life. Oxygen therapy is one such helping hand that assists your body in purification it needs to get better. You may opt for this procedure to speed up the process of detoxification and get the strength to finish your journey through all the stages of treatment. Just remember to carefully listen to your doctor’s recommendations and start a new, better, and free life.