How to Apply for a Temporary Work – Creative Worker Visa through ENT IMM


Within this article, you will find key information regarding the process involved in applying for a UK Creative Worker Visa through ENT imm.

According to the Global Talent Report (Creative Industries Federation, 2017), the UK’s need for international workers in creative industries is at an all-time high, as a result of a skills-gap in the UK’s creative sector.

The Creative Worker Visa has replaced the previous Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting Visa (Tier 5) route. In order to be eligible for a CoS or commonly known as a Work Permit under the Creative Worker route, the creative person must ‘make a unique contribution to the UK’s rich cultural life’.

As stated in the guidelines by the Home Office, the definition of an ‘artist’ is “anyone coming to the UK to undertake an activity that is connected to the arts (literature, performing arts, visual arts, culinary arts).” The entourage of the artist can also accompany the artist, entertainer or musician to the UK providing that they have been employed to work for them abroad.

The types of artists could cover but not limit to the following list:

• Artists
• Musicians
• Singers
• Film Cast & Crew
• Actors
• Directors
• Producers
• Cinematographers

The maximum duration a sponsor can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) is up to 12 months if the migrant has consecutive engagements covering the work duration; however, for non-visa nationals including EEA/EU nationals, a visa will need to be applied for if the duration of work is longer than 3 months. After the initial 12-month duration for visa nationals, the visa can be extended in the UK for up to a further 12 months with a new CoS being issued if required for a total of 24 months. This is still to be considered as a ‘Temporary Worker’.

Upon successful application for entry clearance into the UK on the Temporary Work – Creative Worker route, the applicant will be granted entry clearance for whichever is the shorter of:

• a period starting 14 days before their first engagement and ending 14 days after their final engagement, if the applicant has consecutive engagements

• the period of the role on the CoS plus 14 days before and after, if the applicant does not have consecutive engagements; or

• up to 12 months We recommend returning to your home country soon after your work engagements have ended, however there will be a 14-day tolerance period after work dates have ended to ensure you can return home before your visa expires resulting in the temporary worker becoming an illegal overstayer.

If you are a creative worker and are interested in travelling to the UK via the Creative Worker Visa route, contact the team at ENT imm to expeditiously assess your case to see if you meet the requirements set out by the UK Visa & Immigration department.

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