Oxford-based tech company granted patent for smart legal documents

Technology company Legislate has been granted a patent for its innovative real time knowledge graphs.


Legislate’s contract management software is built on unique knowledge graph technology which makes disconnected data usable and searchable at scale. 


Knowledge graphs can help employers instantly answer complex questions such as ‘How many employees with a tenure greater than three years are on a 30-day notice period’? Insights can be changed in real time so that law firms can keep a track of their business’ health without needing to query different departments for answers.


It’s big news for the business which only a week ago announced the early release of its public API to select software partners, which will allow them to offer Legislate’s contract creation and management capabilities to their users.

 Legislate CEO Charles Brecque, said: “The grant of our second patent confirms that we are a leader in the application of knowledge graphs to contracts. Contract intelligence is largely untapped because it is either trapped in pdfs or in disconnected spreadsheets which are hard to locate and maintain. 


“With the recent release of our public API, we aim to synchronise contract data with the systems which connect to contracts so that end-to-end contracting workflows can be streamlined effortlessly.”
Having just onboarded the first cohort of software partners to its public API, Legislate is now targeting roll-outs with dozens of software partners across the UK so that thousands of businesses can benefit from streamlined contracting.

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