4 Uses for Roof Racks

When you’re driving a car for sports activities, a 4×4 car roof rack can be highly useful for carrying items. If you want more space or your vehicle does not have enough space for large items such as paddle boards and surfboards, roof racks are the perfect solution. No longer is there a need to make passengers uncomfortable by trying to squeeze them in with bicycles or surfboards. Here are just a few of the uses of a roof rack.

How does a roof rack work?

If you want to carry anything on top of your 4×4 vehicle, the only way to do so is through a roof rack. The roof rack as a basic concept is relatively simple, it is made up of just a few parts. These parts include the mount, the tower, the cross bars, and the accessories.

The mount is the piece of the rack that is attached to your vehicle. This piece is specific to your 4×4 vehicle’s make, model, and year. Depending on how the rack is mounted, the mount type can change as well.

The tower is the piece that connects the mount to the crossbar, while the cross bars sare self-explanatory. Accessories are able to be mounted onto the cross bars to carry all sorts of items. The following are a few ways that a roof rack can be used on your vehicle.


If you’re ever out in nature or going camping, your vehicle can actually be used as shelter with an awning. Roof racks are able to allow an awning to be erected over the 4×4 vehicle or extending from the side or rear of the vehicles. Awnings are ideal for providing shade for a picnic or for an area to prepare food such as a BBQ area.

Roof Racks and Accessories

For extreme sports, items such as surfboards, paddle boards, and snowboards can conveniently be carried on the roof of your vehicle, which frees up more space within the vehicle for passengers and luggage. Even a heavy kayak or canoe can be placed on the roof of a vehicle, allowing you more options for luggage storage.


One useful option for a roof rack is simply having more space to store items for either a weekend trip or road trip. With a roof rack there is more space for luggage in general, as items can be stored both inside the vehicle and on the roof of the vehicle.


Another useful option for a roof rack is to store your bicycles. Since the inside of the vehicle is often too small to store bicycles, it can be highly convenient to use the roof of the vehicle as an extra storage.

As you can see, overall there are a variety of usages for a roof rack that make it a very attractive option to add to your vehicle.