Salt Water Sandal x dotte Partner to Resell and Join in the Circular Movement

Salt-Water Sandals UK Ltd. – the distributor of the iconic “Salt-Water Sandal” – announces the start of its official resale partnership with dotte the UK’s leading kids’ online resale platform, in a collaboration that not only benefits the parent but the planet as well.

“Salt-Water Sandals” are built to last and are made of long-lasting, durable materials, so they may still be in great condition when the next size is needed. In an effort to help parents to size up children’s footwear and to facilitate the resale of pre-loved “Salties”, the company teamed up with dotte.

dotte is a one-stop shop where parents can buy, sell, donate, and recycle outgrown / no longer needed garments and accessories, offering an accessible, sustainable solution to a fast area of fashion and lessening its impact on the earth.

Salt-Water Sandal believes in buying well to buy less and encourages parents to pass along the sandals so that other children can use them. The Salt-Water Sandal x dotte partnership means that parents can reduce their fashion carbon footprint whilst earning back some funds.

Additionally, for every sandal sold on dotte, Salt-Water Sandals UK Ltd. offers a 15% voucher to use on their official website so that parents can order the next size up and start the circle again.

To kick off the partnership, from August 19th to August 21st, 2022, the company will be launching an online sample sale on : (shop and sale live on the 19th August)

where parents can purchase discontinued sandals and sample stock at a discounted price. Sizes start from toddler size 2 all the way to adult size 5 in a variety of styles and colours.

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