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Property Sale Watchdog sets out all the pros – and the cons – of cash home buying firms

With the current cost of living crisis, you might be hoping to sell your home for cash, quickly. Or, you might have inherited a property that you want to take to the point exchange without fuss. In both these cases, people reach out to cash home buying companies in the hope of leapfrogging the long chains and completion times tied up with the traditional estate agent selling process. At Property Sale Watchdog, we’re here to help you find the right cash buying company for you, with detailed and in-depth reviews that will help you best understand the company that you’re dealing with.   

Why Review?
Not all cash home buying companies are equal; home sellers can fall foul of companies with unscrupulous trading practices, with reputable companies getting lost in the mix. We believe that people who are looking to sell their home fast and for cash should be able to make a balanced decision as to the company they go with, based on a set of facts that we’ve uncovered.
To be clear, Property Sale Watchdog is neither an agent nor an advocate for any cash home buying company but we are committed to sharing all the information that a prospective seller should know before selling their property.

Check out Property Sale Watchdog’s fast home buyer reviews, which include a handy comparison table so you can easily assess the companies you are comparing.

Forensically-Researched Reviews
Our reviews are painstakingly investigated, using a set of 17 different property-selling and authenticity metrics to rate companies. As well as looking into their company history to determine that they are a bona fide organisation, we will look at the average cash offer and sale time. We’ll examine their presence on other review sites, such as Trustpilot and Feefo. In addition to what they do, we look at how they operate. This will include their professional memberships and their care and attention to customer service, including their complaints procedure. We will also then use the Property Sale Watchdog metrics to create an overall company score.

We leave no stone unturned in our quest for information on fast, cash-buying home buying brands. We even check records from associated companies through Companies House to ensure that a company that claims to do cash transactions really does. Each review is researched over many weeks and, when compiled, we continuously revisit and review them.

We believe that it is really important to give companies the right to reply. Every company that we review has the opportunity to come back to us, with comment or correction. Very few companies do, which confirms that our research is generally accurate on a factual level.

Property Sale Watchdog fast home buyer reviews set out to expose any potential issues that cash home sellers could run into when working with these companies. We have discovered that some companies ask the sellers to sign a contract with them in order to sell their home. As a seller you may be happy to do this but should be aware that it may needlessly tie you in against your interests.

The reviews, as with all content on Property Sale Watchdog, are free and openly available for use.

Rajul Chande, Founder of Property Sale Watchdog, said, “We think that sellers should find the best home selling company for them and that they should take some time to research what each brand offers. We’ve brought it together in one easy-to-use resource so that consumers can understand the choices that they have to make without feeling that they have to be pressured into using a certain company. Our fact-based forensic reviews clearly set out what’s out there in a transparent way. We hope that you find our reviews useful in your cash property sale process.”

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About Property Sale Watchdog
Property Sale Watchdog is NOT an official body or watchdog. It is a review-based website. We don’t buy homes. We review companies that buy homes. You’ll find all the property-selling facts, statistics and information on our site to make a prompt but intelligent decision when choosing a home buying company to work with. The website was launched because we were fed up with all of the incorrect data, brazenly biased advice and misinformation that were plaguing the internet. 
No stones are left unturned. We search every nook and cranny of the cash home buying sector. We ask all the uncomfortable questions that make the owners of dishonest companies shiver. And some of our critical reviews take multiple months to complete. 
But all of these efforts allow us to give you the most accurate and unbiased information on the market. By reading our comprehensive guides you will save tremendous amounts of time and avoid making costly mistakes.

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