Hospitality-Based Office Design

Providing your employees with good equipment and comfortable workstations is crucial to their performance. You can’t ignore the fact that the composition of the environment in which they work is also important. It can influence their overall mood, drastically improving – or deteriorating – their results, depending on the interior design quality. If done the right way, it can help them focus and get their work done more effectively in a shorter time.

Office Design

An average office worker spends up to 8 hours of their daily life at work, so it’s essential to provide them with good working conditions. Our products have been specifically designed to bring you the experience of a high-class hotel right in your office space. We truly believe that with our products, we can give you comfort and a place where you can get your work done without excessive distractions or stress. We want to make your office look more professional but also elegant. Our pods sport a modern design that will surely fit the existing office spaces and stand out from the crowd at the same time. Our design translates into an office that stays in harmony within the current space. It will catch the eye of people walking by and invite them in.

Designing an Office in Harmony With the Space

We’ve done all the necessary work to make our hush-pods cosy and soundproof, so that you and your co-workers can be seated conveniently, in privacy, with the comfort of not being heard by any unnecessary audience. Our hushMeet.S is designed for up to two people. It provides you with the necessary space for discussions, meetings, and leisure. The sound generated in a hush stays inside the hush. We’ve made our pods so quiet that you don’t have to worry about being disrupted by the sound coming from the outside. We’ve created a peaceful environment – just for you, so you can easily focus on your tasks and conversations with others.

How to Arrange an Office?

Given the easy portability of our pods, they can adapt to changes in the room or the whole building in which they’re currently placed. Some of the models, like the hushPhone, can be easily moved with a simple push thanks to their integrated castors and levelling feet. Their size is perfect for managing your working space and arranging everything to bring harmony to your office. As an example, you can swap two desks with one hushMeet.S without disturbing the layout of your office. This way you can give your employees a space that is quieter. Some of our models are also modular. You easily can attach them together and build conference rooms to give your employees even more room for meetings. You can expand them to accommodate 4 to 8 people. With our products, you can easily arrange different zones in your office – for work, business or private conversations. These can be changed to fit your changing needs thanks to the high flexibility of our hush pods. With us, you can arrange your office in a way that suits your requirements as much as possible. You can arrange your interiors using the configuration tool on our website. You can express your creativity and ideas by changing glass colours, fabrics, types of foam, and so much more! Hushoffice is a simple solution for your office design, giving it a new modern look and originality – and creating a phenomenal environment for your employees as a new place to brainstorm.