Lawyers and Legal Teams Now Have New LCMS eLearning Software Solution

Intellek the industry leading learning technology software developer for the legal sector is announcing the launch of its new and all-inclusive Learning Content Management System (LCMS) with the goal of being the go-to online training solution for legal teams, law firms and lawyers

Intellek (formerly TutorPro) has a collection of long-standing, feature-rich SaaS (software as a service) learning solutions designed to facilitate digital transformation for organizations of all sizes, whether their need is simple or more complex.

The recently launched Intellek LCMS is a cloud-based learning content management system and one-stop solution that facilitates blended learning and offers a customizable LMS interface. The new platform also enables you to create eLearning courses, monitor learners, manage eLearning content and report on all types of learning and development for any organization, from one easy-to-use platform.

Claire Revell, CEO of Intellek said “I am proud of the development teams for collaborating and making this happen for our Client Family. With 62% of our clients using three or more of the products in the Intellek ecosystem, it is vital that we make it as seamless as possible for those administrating the software, and ensure we maximize the value. Bringing course creation tool and the LMS together is a game changer for eLearning technology, and the first of many integrations we have in the pipeline.”

This groundbreaking software development is being officially launched at the ILTACON event in National Harbor, Maryland this year. With widespread approval and appreciation from the legal community who attend the event.

“Being able to bring this to our clients is a great achievement by the team. It means that our clients can capture meaningful content and make it available to their learners with just a few clicks. It is a high-impact solution for a real-world challenge, and I am glad we have been able to support our clients in tackling this” announced Daryl Fitzpatrick, Head of BD and Innovation at Intellek.

Technology is ever-changing and companies are constantly evolving, with an estimated $37 billion spent each year supporting unproductive employees. Training employees and onboarding users should not be seen as an interruption. Deliver learning in the flow of work and provide the targeted training your learners need, right when they need it.

Increase new hire retention by up to 50% while streamlining your onboarding process, boost user adoption by up to 264% with targeted training and save an average of $580 with every classroom event you deliver!

The new LCMS platform brings together two major elements of Intellek’s software suite to create this innovative all-in-one eLearning solution.

Intellek Create
For content authoring innovation at its most creative, look no further than Create, Intellek’s game-changing eLearning course creation solution. This platform easily embeds learning in the flow of work for any industry. You can quickly create training, support and assessments for any software application, with no need for screenshots or plugins.

Once created, the learning content is published directly to the Intellek LCMS library, in just one click! Businesses will see increased engagement levels, an uplift in employee productivity and improved staff retention.

Intellek LMS
An easy to use, feature-rich, cloud-based Learning Management System with no hidden costs and unlimited support. Developed in collaboration with Intellek’s clients and awarded for having the Happiest Users by Crozdesk in 2022, Intellek LMS leads the way in best-in-class learning management for organizations of any size.

The small business LMS solution is highlighted through Intellek Grow (a prepacked LMS for up to 200 users), aimed to help growing organizations to build their learning technology ecosystem.

About Intellek
A leader in the learning technology arena, providing educational SaaS to the business community. With more than thirty years of experience in the field, Intellek is a tried and tested solution for all your eLearning and blended learning needs.

Intellek’s mission is to help businesses transform the way technology is taught, empowering businesses to solve their L&D challenges with innovative solutions. Whilst their heritage has been in the Legal sector, in more recent years, development has expanded to reach other industries including Finance, Education, Healthcare and Retail.

With this secure, feature-rich, cloud-based learning software suite you can create courses, manage learner resources and deliver learning in the flow of work. Covering your entire organization’s onboarding and L&D needs, all from one customizable training platform.

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