6 Reasons Why You Must Have Call Center ACD for Managing Calls

A call center ACD directly impacts your customer support operations, which plays a big role in the success of your business. By having a call center ACD, you can not only improve your customer support experience but can also cut down your support expenses. Plus, it improves your internal communications and your brand image. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into why you must have a call center ACD for your business in 2022. Let’s dive in. 

What is a Call Center ACD?

Call center ACD (automatic call distribution) is a program that automatically distributes incoming calls to different places, such as a sales team or a recorded message. This feature determines where to distribute the calls by analyzing the volume and needs of incoming calls. To do that, ACD integrates with the other tools used in your call center. 

6 Reasons Why Call Center ACD is So Important

Here we’ll explore the top benefits of call center ACD to help you understand its importance. 

Advanced Call Routing

A call center ACD includes modern call routing, which alone can save your support staff dozens of hours every week. With advanced call routing, you’re allowed to set certain rules and conditions from your dashboard, according to which the incoming calls will be routed. 

Using this feature, you can route calls to different contact numbers and services. For instance, you can develop a system that automatically asks the caller which support department they want to access. As the caller dials one from the given digits or codes, they’re redirected to the respective staff. This way, you don’t require a dedicated human being to direct calls to the right support department. 

Similarly, call routing enables other automation features like automated call answering. By using this feature, you can forward a pre-recorded voice response to callers asking a frequently asked question, like your opening hours or location. As a result, your support staff won’t have to repeat themselves, which can save a lot of time. 

Prompt Call Responses

Waiting for a support representative on hold sucks, and can cause your waiting customers to abandon their calls. If you want to ensure a good user experience for your customers, having a call center ACD is worth it, as it allows responding to your callers quickly. 

For instance, setting up an auto call attendant from your ACD interface will ensure your customer calls are picked up and answered, though by a robot. As mentioned earlier, you can set various rules and conditions on what to do with incoming calls, whether to forward them to a certain support department or answer them through a recorded message. 

Anyway, having your customer calls answered quickly will ensure your callers have a decent customer support experience. Data reveals that 90% of Americans take customer support service as a deciding factor of whether or not to buy from a company. So, ensuring a good calling experience can instantly improve your sales potential. 

Lower Costs

If you don’t use a call center ACD with your phone system, you’ll probably need a dedicated employee to direct calls to the right staff. On top of that, your support staff will have to answer repetitive questions like your opening hours themselves, which can consume a lot of time. As a rule of thumb, the more hours it takes each month to handle your customer calls, the more you’ll have to pay your support team. 

Using an ACD program can help bring down your customer support costs by automating customer calls as much as possible. Plus, having a robot-based system handle your callers asking frequently asked questions will be a significant addition. 

Better Company Image

Your customer service experience directly influences your brand image. A single bad support service experience shared on social media can cripple your chances of accomplishing whatever goals you’re after. On the flip side, when customers are satisfied with your support service, they’re likely to refer your business to their friends, family, and colleagues. As you might expect, this can improve your brand authority and trustworthiness. 

Improved Employee Collaboration

A call center ACD classes up your internal communications just as your customer interactions. The smoother your internal communications are, the better your team can collaborate and an ACD program ensures that. To back up, ACD tools include features like video conferencing, teleconferencing, and listening for better collaboration with your employees. 

Software Integration

Most call center ACD apps are compatible with CRM and other programs commonly used in businesses. This ensures your support staff can track the purchase history and other information regarding the caller in real time, allowing for quick and easy validation of the customer. Moreover, having the caller’s information at hand also allows for the easier transition of support staff as the caller doesn’t have to repeat themself. 

Final Words

Having a call center ACD enabled on your phone system is more important than ever nowadays. It now only helps your staff be more productive when handling customer calls but it also brings down your customer support costs. Moreover, you can also improve your customer care experience by using the automation features of a modern-day ACD tool. 

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