Why Afriex is the Best Money Transfer App in Ghana

Ghana is an African country that’s quickly on the rise. One of the factors promoting growth in Ghana is the fact that they have embraced technology. This is so much that even money transfers run smoothly via any credible money transfer app in Ghana. Afriex is just one of many money transfer apps in the country. So, why is it the best money transfer app in Ghana?

Well, here are some of the reasons we thought Afriex leads the money transfer business in Ghana:

Top Notch Security

For any money transfer app to qualify as the best, then it really has to have state of the art security systems. And Afriex just has the right level of security to qualify as the best money transfer app in Ghana.

Starting from the biometrics to the multiple factor authentication systems, Afriex has a number of features that are bound to keep you safe. This is to ensure that even when someone gains access of your mobile phone via theft or any other way, they can’t access your wallet. They’ll need to authenticate themselves before using the app, which is next to impossible without your assistance.

With the rise of data breaches and cybercriminals, you can’t leave security to chance. Otherwise you stand to lose everything. All Ghanaians using money transfer apps often require that the app assures them of their security. And Afriex does this well via their website and app.

You can rest assured that Afriex money transfer app in Ghana will deliver a hassle-free secure sign-in every time.

Alerts and Notifications

The user needs to be updated with the latest information about their transactions. And that is exactly what you get with Afriex money transfer app in Ghana. You will always be in the know about the status of your transaction. From the time you hit the send button, to the time the funds reach the recipient, you will have sufficient knowledge.

One other thing about alerts and notifications is that they also shouldn’t be too much. Some apps simply bombard their users with unnecessary alerts and notifications that end up being rather annoying. With Afriex, you get your privacy with less alerts and notifications. In fact, you can even regulate the type of notifications that you want to hit your phone through settings.

Account Management

You can manage your account on Afriex quite easily. Account management is vital since a user has to know the cash flow and how to plan with their finances. The provision of a personalized approach to account management for the user is key. Afriex money transfer app in Ghana does that well.

With Afriex, you get a personalized account management system that guides your spending and money transfers. You can generate regular reports that give you an extended analysis of how you’ve been sending and receiving money. You can even configure it to match your personal preferences for a better experience.

A good account management system will help you to check your account balance, track transactions, and make money transfers a lot easier.

Speed of Transactions

How fast is the money transfer app that you want to use? Sometimes you just have an emergency that you can’t avoid attending to. In such a case, you will need a fast money transfer app that will help you move funds to the recipient quickly.

Afriex money transfer app in Ghana is quite fast. You can expect money to hit the recipient’s account within just minutes. And in case of any delays, you can always reach out to their customer service team for assistance.

Customer Service

This is yet another reason why we believe Afriex is the best money transfer app in Ghana. Problems do arise when using different applications – money transfer apps aren’t an exception. Thus, it would be important to have a robust customer service team ready to address user problems. This is exactly what you get with Afriex.

Afriex has a fast and effective team of customer service representatives ready to help you with any problem. From their live chat feature to the email and call provisions, there are several ways that you can reach out to their customer service agents.

After a trial to reach the customer service team, we found out that they have a very decent response time of just seconds. Therefore, you can count on them at any point of need – 24/7.

User Education

Afriex money transfer app in Ghana also offers various pieces of information through their blog section and newsletters. This aims at educating the masses on financial topics. Thus, you can learn about how to manage your money even as you use the application. How better can it get?

Final Thoughts

We hope that you now see why Afriex is the best money transfer app in Ghana. These are just some of the reasons that should motivate you to use this application to send and receive money. 

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