New Innovative EDI Training Programme Motioned by Black Entrepreneurs During Run Up To Black History Month

New Innovative EDI Training Programme Motioned by Black Entrepreneurs During Run Up To Black History Month


Companies across the globe have a huge responsibility when it comes to leading the changes that humanity needs to witness in diversity and inclusion. Getting this correct, can be a struggle. It is advised that businesses must have a meaningful diversity policy that focuses on inclusiveness. In order to achieve this, it’s vital that the correct training is provided.

Many HR departments and smaller businesses can face difficulties when understanding how this is best achieved. Diversity and inclusion training needs to be authentic and something your staff will truly embrace and will believe in. And with corporate social responsibility being of such importance in modern business, it’s vital that your EDI training communicates your values to your partners and clients.

The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace cannot be overstated. But despite the best of intentions, EDI training can end up being not much more than an exercise in box-ticking. Far too often, employees sit in training courses feeling uninspired, watching the clock or fretting over the work emails they’re missing. At the end of the day, they emerge bored, tired and having learned little or nothing.

What Is My Cultural Experience?

My Cultural Experience is a totally immersive, authentic and interactive diversity training package. It’s all about sensory engagement – with all 5 senses being activated. Taste, touch and smell traditional African and Caribbean foods and products. Listen to cultural music and play mind-opening, enlightening games. See and learn as you watch a powerful, compelling and educational 45-minute presentation on Black Britain.

It puts an end to staff sitting in EDI courses feeling tired and bored. The My Cultural Experience package will truly engage staff, helping to educate, bond and inspire your workplace in an enjoyable and fun way.

Building Better Workplaces

Great diversity policies and training helps to create the very best and most modern work environments. Crucial values such as inclusion and respect are promoted, while problems such as discrimination and bullying are addressed and eliminated. Studies have shown that companies that embrace EDI practices are not only happier places, but are more profitable, agile, and productive businesses too.

A brilliant way to improve diversity and inclusion practices in the workplace is by placing key EDI calendar events at the heart of your activities. Recognising and celebrating inclusive events like Pride Month, Mental Health Week and Black History Month will provide an ideal framework to promote dialogue and help employees embrace inclusive values.

There’s No Better Time Than Now

October of course is Black History Month, so now is the perfect time to promote positive change in the workplace through truly engaging EDI training.  By celebrating Black History Month with a My Cultural Experience package, businesses can create a safe, educational and fun space to explore race and identity.

Secure a My Cultural Experience Diversity and Inclusion Training Package at only £299 + VAT today and champion diversity and highlight inclusivity in your organisation.

Image: My Cultural Experience founders, husband and wife team Justina and Max Lambert

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